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Absorbent Floor Runner – 36″x50 ft. – Full-Pallet – 20 Rolls

Must order in groups of 1. Minimum order: 1.


89.50 each, Sold on Pallets of 20

Made of a tough and exceptionally absorbent non-woven fabric. Bonded to a poly backing. Commercial quality.

This Floor Runner Absorbs An Incredible 300% of Its Weight in Liquid!

Use this amazing fabric runner to protects floors of all kinds, counter tops, stairs. Absorbs 300% of its weight in liquid. It’s even resistant to oil and solvent.

This product could save you boatloads of time and extra expenses. Cleaning up from unexpected leaks and spills stop your job in its tracks, throw off your schedule, and cost a ton of money.

  • Leakproof backing prevents liquid from soaking through.
  • Sticks to most commercial floor surfaces such as: concrete, VCT, vinyl, ceramic, and laminate floors.
  • Absorbs water, oil, grease, and other liquids.
  • Easy to clean and reuse over an over. Sweep it, vacuum/shopvac  it, mop it, scrub it. It won’t slip and slide on you because of the sticky backing.
  • Highly efficient absorbent top soaks in moisture, wicks and spreads it evenly so the runner dries out quickly — ideal for entrances and anywhere you need maximum absorbency for water.

Ideal Absorbent Runner to Use in Commercial Entrances – Helps Prevent Slip & Fall

Avoid slip-and-fall accidents and injuries with this useful absorbent material! Be prepared when rain or snow is expected.

  • Roll out continuous walk-off coverage for entrances and walkways with no gaps, ripples or overlaps that cause slips and trips.
  • Cut the runner to the size you need for every entrance and hallway.
  • With 100 feet of material, you’ll have plenty to use in all kinds of scenarios.

Freight Class 60 – NMFC 49160

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Weight 320 lbs
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