Zipper Hatch Door – 30″ x 72″

Must order in groups of 10. Minimum order: 20.



Containment Field Zipper Hatch Doors

  • Attaches to poly sheeting walls to protect from the spread of dust, debris, and germs.
  • Made from heavy 10ml UV resistant poly, all Zippers are stitched with high strength nylon sail-making thread to withstand sun, salt, rain and wind.
  • All Zipper Hatches come complete with a 3-inch wide 20-foot long roll of high tack tape.
  • Each Zipper Hatch has a double sided zipper slider to allow for easy opening from either side

Our 72-inch long size is ideal for making a quick doorway for duct containment during construction and renovation work.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs


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