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Plunger – 6″ Force Cup for Sink and Toilet – Wholesale Price

Must order in groups of 1. Minimum order: 1.


$1.45 each, 50 per Case

A must-have for every home.

6″ Rubber Plunger with Wood Handle – Box of 50

The red rubber plunger – for forcing out clogs on sink drains and toilets. Buy them by the case.

  • Sell plungers in your store
  • Buy them for your rental units
  • Have them for your tenants
  • For you motel rooms
  • For every building on your business or school campus where there’s a bathroom

Buy Plungers in Bulk For the Lowest Price

As a wholesaler, we buy and sell in bulk SO YOU PAY LESS!

This plunger retails for up to $5.00. If you only need one, buy it at a hardware store. If you want to buy in bulk, buy them wholesale. Each case contains 50 plungers complete with sturdy 17″ threaded wood handle.

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Weight 40 lbs
First and foremost I wanted to thank you for awesome customer service! Everything came out of my account accordingly and it is really rare that you find good customer service anymore. I also love the fact that customers can directly contact, not just the company, but the owner! That says a lot in my opinion!
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Our experience with Mazer was great. Pricing was spot on, delivery super quick for a large volume order! Would definitely recommend Mazer!
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We got everything today. Product looks great. Thanks for all your help. We'll definitely use your company again.
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