56 Function Scientific Calculator w/ Flip Cover

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  • Calculator is small, durable, and has a flip cover that can protect the buttons and screen when it is in storage or inside a bag.
  • Screen shows 10 digits, so your work can be even more precise than most calculators, which only show 8 digits. Cover is great as it protects the calculator if it is dropped.
  • This scientific calculator also has many more features than other calculators.
  • Another feature this calculator has is an auto power off feature as well, so the batteries will not go dead from being left on for long periods of time.
  • This scientific calculator is perfect for advanced grade levels.
  • In many advanced math and science classes, students may need a calculator that can do more than basic arithmetic.
  • They are also ideal for the home or office, so kids can do their homework or for employees to do the necessary work for their jobs.
  • Buy this scientific calculator in bulk today for the best wholesale price online that you will find! Keep them in your classroom or office for the benefit of all your peers!

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