21g / 0.7 Oz. Large Washable Purple Glue Stick (2/Pack)

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Purple, big glue sticks.  These big glue sticks are ideal for many kinds of arts and crafts.  They are not messy like regular glue can be, so these are especially great for younger children, along with the older ones. This glue is great for fabric, posters, paper, and even though its colored, is also photo safe.  The glue is acid free, washable, and is a fun color that kids will love.

Even though the glue is purple, the color fades as it dries, so you are not left with purple streaks on your project.  The purple color on it helps you see where you are applying the glue for more efficiency. These small purple glue sticks come in a pack of four.  Each stick is 0.28 ounces / 8 grams.  They are small and will fit conveniently in your desk drawer or storage bin.

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Additional information

Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions 0.67 × 0.54 × 0.42 in


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