Medium 1 1/4″ (32mm) Black Binder Clip (12/Box)

Must order in groups of 120. Minimum order: 120.


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Binder clips are useful in any school and office.  The medium sized binder clips we carry easily hold large amounts of papers together, and can clip paper to binders, notebooks, and folders.

These medium sized binder clips comes in traditional black, so they are not too bright or stand out too much.  The package consists of 12 clips that are all the same size, 1 1/4 inches.  This size binder clips are great for holding together large amounts of paper together, but are not as bulky as the jumbo size ones we have.  They are heavy duty and can keep a thick stack of paper together.

Get your wholesale binder clips and other office supplies today! Buying these products in bulk will get you the best available wholesale price online!

Additional information

Weight 0.19 lbs
Dimensions 0.79 × 0.42 × 0.33 in


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