1″ Drywall Screws, 1 Pound Box, Coarse Thread

Must order in groups of 25. Minimum order: 25.


Our best-selling screws.

1″ Drywall Screws in 1-Pound Boxes, Wholesale Price

Drywall Screws are also known as Sheetrock Screws are extremely popular and a much lower price than plated screws.

And our prices are the best.

Compare Our Drywall Screw Prices with Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Any Hardware Supplier-We’re Cheaper

Compare and save with the lowest price on 1″ Drywall Screws in ONE POUND BOXES.

1# boxes a better buy than buying in bulk

Why are 1# boxes of drywall screws better than buying in bulkpack boxes?

  • Less waste
  • Less theft
  • Easier to store in your shop or trucks

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Additional information

Weight 1.04 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 2 × 3.1 in


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