Heavy Weight Blue Tarps, 40×50

Must order in groups of 1. Minimum order: 1.


Bulk pricing on Multi-Use Blue Tarps

40 x 50 Blue Tarps at Wholesale Price

These tarps use rustproof aluminum grommets. Sewn-in welting for extra strength at the edges. Our tarps are 5mil (+ or – .5mil) thickness and 75 grams per square meter.

Due to hemming, blue tarps are generally a couple inches smaller than the stated sizes.

Buy Tarps Wholesale for the Lowest Price

We know you’re shopping online to find the lowest prices for your tarps.

We supply tarps for:

  • Temporary Shelters
  • Weather Emergencies
  • Covering Roofs
  • Construction and Remodeling Needs
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Minimum order for Blue Tarps is $75.00. Combine sizes to reach the minimum.

Allow for the thickness of the tarps to be Plus or Minus 1 mil.

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