Heavy Duty 10mil Tarp, 20 x 30 Silver w/Black Back

Must order in groups of 2. Minimum order: 2.



More than 2x heavier than the standard Blue Tarps we carry.

Wholesale Heavy Duty Silver Tarps, 20′ x 30′

High Quality Tarps, Made to Last

When your property, inventory, product, roof, or project is worth protection, don’t be skimpy with the cover you choose. These heavy duty tarps will stand up to all kinds of sun, heat, wind, and freezing temperatures…and you’ll still be able to fold them up and keep them to use over and over again.

Be smart…buy the best tarps. They pay for themselves over and over again.

Wholesale Tarps Straps, CLICK HERE.

Allow for the thickness of the tarps to be Plus or Minus 1 mil.

Additional information

Weight 35.32 lbs


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