Adjustable Window Shades 73-1/4″ x 6ft. Ivory Room Darkener

Must order in groups of 6. Minimum order: 6.


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This shade Fits-All windows 73″ wide or less (as narrow as 18″).

Fits-All Ivory Window Shades, Room Darkening

Room darkening shades are also known as black-out shades.

Unlike traditional window shades which need to be cut in a special shade-cutting machine, this shade is easily modified at home on your kitchen table! (see image below)

Heavy 8-gauge light-room darkening vinyl blocks light from passing through while shade is drawn. Spring loaded core allows you to pull the shades to several different levels.

This item is sold in packs of 6 only.

  • Perfect for landlords and property management who want to make a clean presentation to new tenants.
  • Suitable for covering windows on doors and door sidelights.
  • Window shades don’t collect as much dust as blinds.
  • Ivory only.

This product is also available in 37-1/4″ and 55-1/4″ widths.

Also available in 4-gauge Light-Filtering vinyl in 37-1/4″, 55-1/4″ and 73-1/4″

fits-all window shade

Steps To Shorten the Shade:

1. Mark the size

2. Cut through the shade hem with scissors

3. Tear away the shade fabric

4. Tear away the cardboard insert

5. Push in the telescoping roller

6. Snap the handrail slat and insert into shade hem

7. Ready to hang

See how it is done in this video:

Window shades are also known as roller shades. Traditional roller shades would be inserted into a shade-cutting machine (which are still found in old fashioned hardware stores and window treatment retailers). The shade cutting machine spins the shade around at high speed and the a sharp, metal blade is pushed into the spinning shade which cuts the fabric cleanly off the core on which it is attached.

The inexpensive shades are normally attached to a cardboard core which the cutting blade also cuts through cleanly. More expensive shades are usually made of wood. In the case of a wooden core, the procedure is similar except after the cutting blade removes the shade fabric, a different blade is used to cut through the wooden core.

Minimum order amount for Window Treatments Category is $50

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Weight 4.5 lbs


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