6mil Contractor Bags | Wholesale Pricing

Compare and save. Once again, Mazer Wholesale destroys the competition on pricing on USA made products.

Super Heavy Duty Trash Bags, 6mil

Standard Contractor Bags are our #1 seller. With a 3mil thickness, they’re plenty strong to handle just about whatever you can toss into them. (Check out this crazy video clip of me demonstrating our 3mil contractor bags-CLICK HERE) These 6mil bags a 2x heavier than our standard bags.

Why would you need the strength of a 6mil contractor bag? The name says it all:


This is JOBSITE, the America-made super-strong contractor’s trash bag. When you absolutely need the strongest bag because you’re dealing with the heaviest waste. When you can’t take any chances of your bag falling apart on the way to the dumpster or the truck, you need the JOBSITE CONTRACTOR BAG.

A box of JOBSITE Contractor Bags contains 15 bags. FREE DELIVERY for orders of 48 boxes, with EXTRA DISCOUNTS for orders of 72 boxes and 96 boxes.

We sell JOBSITE in minimum quantities of just ONE BOX. CLICK HERE for Ordering Details

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