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In 1986, the original intention for Mazer Wholesale was to be a supplier to independently-owned hardware stores. The product lines carried in a typical hardware store span a wide range of categories. My parents owned an old-fashioned, inner-city hardware store in Philadelphia. It was one of those “everything” stores and these are the types of stores we focused on serving. Therefore, the products we carry vary widely across many categories. We call them:

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cheap peel and stick tile

Peel & Stick Vinyl Flooring. We carry 12″ x 12″ square tiles in 30+ patterns and also 6″ x 36″ simulated wood vinyl planks. We have been carrying the same line of goods for nearly 2 decades with great success. Who buys peel & stick vinyl flooring? Retailers, Homeowners, Property Investors, Landlords, and businesses who want to freshen up the appearance of their floors without spending a whole lot of money. This material comes in a glossy, no-wax finish. It’s super-easy to install. To see our entire selection of Do-It-Yourself self adhesive vinyl flooring, CLICK HERE.