Contractor Bags By The Truckload

Contractor bags - 20 per box
Contractor bags - 20 per box
Does your company use or sell high volumes of 3mil Contractor Bags and/or 55-gallon Drum Liners? Due to our unique relationship with the ownership of a USA based manufacturer, we have the inside access to the best pricing.

The Best Pricing on Half and Full-Truckloads of Contractor Bags

To get the rock-bottom pricing on Contractor Bags, you’ll want to buy a half truckload or a full truckload. 20-Count Boxes, 50-Count Boxes, and 100-Count Boxes available. For a quotation on 1/2 or full truckload of 42-gallon 3mil Contractor Bags or 55-gallon 3mil Drum Liners Please email us at  Include your contact information, corporate address and, if different, your delivery address and we will provide a custom quotation.  

Truckloads are 24 pallets and 1/2 truckloads are 12 pallets.

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