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Bulk Purchase of Vinyl Mini Blinds

Are you looking to buy mini blinds in bulk quantities? We supply retailers who sell them and organizations who use mini blinds in multi-unit housing and want to get the lowest wholesale pricing.

Cheap Vinyl Mini Blinds at Wholesale Prices.

Customers we serve are looking for bulk-pricing on cheap vinyl mini blinds so they pay the lowest possible price. These are mostly property investors or property management companies with multi-family dwellings.

In most states, new tenants in rental units are entitled to fresh, new window treatments and vinyl mini blinds are a nice looking and economical window covering solution.

We carry sizes from 16″ wide to 72″ wide and nearly every inch in between. (See our entire selection, sizes and wholesale price for cheap vinyl mini blinds, CLICK HERE)

Quality Blinds at Economical Pricing-Buying Blinds in Bulk Saves Money

Our brand is called Morningstar and they are the highest quality blinds in their class, yet are still the lowest price due to our high volume with the factory. We carry the largest selection of sizes and colors of all the most common sized of mini blinds of any wholesaler in the USA and the deepest inventory.

If you’re in need of a large quantity of blinds for property rehabilitation project or new construction, you need yo give us your sizes and your quantities needed so we can give you a competitive quote. In addition to our low pricing, we also get fantastic freight rates with the the best trucking companies in the United States.

Products We Supply to Property Management Firms Large and Small

In addition to cheap vinyl mini blinds, we also carry

For retailers, hardware stores or other wholesalers serving the property management trade, contact us to discuss partnerships in supplying your customers with our well-established line. We can support you with drop-shipping on your behalf or delivery to your location for your direct distribution.

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