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Since 1986, businesses, organizations, school and churches have gravitated to us when they’re looking to save money by buying in bulk.Mazer Wholesale, Inc. Logo

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The nature of “wholesale” is selling (or buying) in larger quantity for a reduced cost. It takes pretty much the same amount of energy in terms of manpower, marketing and processing to sell 10 dozen of an item as it does to sell 1 dozen of an item or even 1 of an item. Therefore, when you buy the bulk quantity, you deserve a discount.

Wholesale Distributor to Hardware Stores, Discount Stores and Dollar Stores

In 1986, we opened our doors as a wholesale supplier to hardware stores. Our first selection of merchandise what limited to adhesive tapes such as masking tape, duct tape, electric tape and a few other types of tape and paint sundries such as paint brushes, rollers, caulks and other compounds. A hardware store will typically sell a customer ONE roll of duct tape. As a wholesaler, we sell the hardware store a full case of 24 rolls. The discount a hardware store gets for ordering by the case provides the store with the profit margin they deserve for purchasing in bulk. stocking the whole case and selling from the case, one roll at a time.

We are a Wholesaler – We Sell in Bulk

Prior to year 2000, our customers were almost entirely retailers. We marketed our company, selection and inventory to retailers. In year 2000, we launched our website. We quickly found there were other entities who were looking for and qualified to purchase at wholesaler prices.

Due to the nature of e-commerce (buying and selling merchandise online) people can shop for pricing and compare their options. As a wholesaler, we are often discovered and contacted because of our low prices. However, selling at low wholesale prices for retail-sized orders isn’t possible. The processing and handling costs are too great.

We DO try to keep our minimum orders to the lowest level possible in order to be able to serve and accommodate the most number of people. Our minimum order level is created so we can be profitable while still providing the cheapest possible pricing on everything we sell.

Wholesale Tools, Trash Bags, Flooring, Window Blinds, Stationery, Picture Frames and more

As a wholesaler to hardware stores, our selection grew in many directions. Over the span of decades, we went into

and many, many other categories.

We’re so grateful to be in the position to serve others with the products they need for themselves and their businesses. Thank you.