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Cheap Reading Glasses

Reading glasses do not require a prescription. Simply test the magnifying powers to find the one which works best.

Buy Cheap Reading Glasses Wholesale for Your Store, Charity or Organization

At Mazer Wholesale, Inc., we have been providing inexpensive reading glasses to various types of businesses and organizations for many years.

Our inexpensive reading glasses come in a multitude of choices. There is a large variety of what we call strengths, powers, or magnifications.

For example, 1.0 is the lowest strength. This is a low magnification. Those who use the 1.0 strength can usually get along with a slight squint without glasses but the glasses help.

Then the powers go up incrementally to 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75 and all the way up to 4.00. These low-priced readers are the perfect solution for many people who’s eyesight fades with age. Their low price and the fact that a doctor’s prescription is unnecessary is a plus for people on a budget.

Plastic Frame Reading Glasses

The plastic frame readers come in many styles. Our most popular is the simple black or black and brown mix unisex style. They’re simple, lightweight and cheap. They are packed 12 pairs of glasses

plastic framee reading glasses
Assorted strength plastic frame reading glasses. CLICK HERE to order.

per box and 300 pairs in a full master case. These plastic framed glasses are our best seller because they’re the cheapest and because they’re lightweight, they also cost less to ship than metal framed glasses.

Women’s Reading Glasses

We also carry a nice assortment of fashionable reading glasses for ladies. Fashion readers are just slightly more expensive than our cheapest line, but if you’re a retailer, you can make a lot more money on these. You know how it is…the added design is an added value which translates into a higher price.

Metal Frame Reading Glasses

The metal frame reading glasses also come in all the various powers. These are made of rust and corrosion resistant brass.

Tube Readers

Tube readers-reading glasses
Tube readers come with hard protective plastic case. CLICK HERE to order.

Tube readers are a slim style reader in unisex styles. They come in a hard plastic protective tube and are sold in counter top display with assorted powers which are marked on the tube for easy selection.

Retailers usually purchase the assorted pack which means each box includes an assortment of strengths. The assortments are typically packed more heavily in the lower strengths than the higher strengths.

Specific Strength Reading Glasses

Those buyers who wish to select specific strengths can do so. Specific strength glasses are slightly higher in price. For more information, simply give us a call at 1-800-343-0780