Crank Powered Lantern – A Must Have Emergency Product

Whenever you are in your home, driving, or doing something recreational, it is always important to be prepared for an emergency.  Anytime of the year, you could be stranded with no power in your home, whether it’s due to a malfunctioning power line, a lightning storm, or even hurricane season.  You could also be on a camping trip and need some light by your tent or when walking around the camp site.  A light source that doesn’t even require battery use may be just the item for you and your family.Crank Powered Lantern

Powered just by cranking the handle and giving you very bright light, this lantern is perfect for any emergency or outdoor adventure.

The crank powered lantern is a must have item for your home, car, or campsite.  It is powered just by cranking the handle, which is so easy even your children will be able to do it.  With twelve white LED bulbs, this lantern gives off plenty of light to see your surrounding area.  Candles can be very dangerous around the house, especially if you have young children.  It is also better to have outside than a flashlight, as this lantern does not run on batteries and will not die.

With about one minute of cranking, the lantern will power up for about twenty minutes before the lights begin to dim and it needs to be cranked more.  It also has three different levels of brightness, which can make the light last even longer.  It is light, durable, and easy to carry or hang with the handle.  This crank powered lantern is perfect for any emergency situation where you may not have batteries for flashlights or you do not want to use candles around the house.

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