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Disaster Relief Supplies

We can help with supplies of Non-Food items in the wake of storms, floods, and other disasters requiring aid to victims, their municipalities and the teams of people and organizations charged with helping to normalize the lives affected and the environment around them.

Disaster relief-preparation items

Wholesale Supplies of Disaster Relief Items

As a supplier of hardware, janitorial products, tools and maintenance supplies since 1986, we have inventories and relationships with major manufacturers and importers with deep inventories in order corral needed supplies in disaster relief efforts in the USA and around the globe.

Here’s a list of disaster relief items to which we have immediate inventory access. Each item in the list below is linked to the product or category page on our main website. If you don’t see an item you may be looking for on this list, you should still ask! As a master distributor for over 30 years, we have access to almost anything you could need.

Large Quantities of Supplies Needed for Disaster Relief

When disasters like Hurricane Harvey which hit Houston and other cities in southern Texas, and Hurricane Irma which devastated parts of Florida, disaster relief supplies are needed to save lives and property. Aiding in cleanup,  restoring shelter, and mitigating the further damage and disease which is often caused by standing water, dead animals, sewage backup, and growth of mold.

Of course, it’s best to have supplies stockpiled. Just as we keep first-aid kits in our homes in case of injury, we need our cities to keep ample supplies in preparation for larger scale calamities. However, it is never possible to prepare for everything Mother Nature can throw our way.

Disaster Preparation Items Department in Your Store

We sell all the items listed above in BULK quantities for wholesale. Your customer don’t need a DOZEN flashlights or a pallet of heavy duty trash bags. However, each item on the list should be stored in the home and handy in case of emergency. Consider adding a department in your store and on your company website for Disaster Preparation Items. This is a hot topic and there are lots of things which could be included…way more than Mazer Wholesale has available.Here’s a list of other good ideas for a disaster preparation, CLICK HERE.

With more than 32 years in the wholesale business, we have access to way more product than is listed on this website. If you’re looking for disaster relief or preparation items and you don;t see them here, contact us anyway. We may be able to help you source those items you need and at a true wholesale price you need.

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