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Floor Tile Demonstration Videos

This page contains links to informational videos.

Videos on the Topic of Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tile

Some of the videos linked here demonstrate tile installations and some of them simply answer frequently-asked questions.

All the videos are streaming on YouTube and we welcome you to ask questions on the videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you find the videos helpful, please give them a THUMBS UP by clicking on the thumb under the video.

Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions About Peel & Stick Vinyl Flooring

Peel & Stick Floor Tile Demonstration Videos

Check out this video showing what the garage floor tile looks like after 8 years.

How to replace broken floor tiles. Did you know you can use a hair dryer to remove floor tiles?

Can you install peel and stick vinyl tile on top of an existing vinyl floor? Watch Part 1!  Then watch Part 2 to see how the floor looks when complete.

What is the best temperature to install peel and stick tiles?

Tips on how to prepare your surface to install self stick tiles.?

Can Peel & Stick Tiles Be Used Outside? Watch this!

The first tile was laid in July, 2017. The video below was made February, 2017 a few days after the tile was covered by snow, slush and ice.

What to do when some of your tiles are being stubborn and don’t want to stick. Video below:

As of this date, the tile in my garage is still firmly in place. Today, July 13, 2017, it’s 98 degrees and the humidity is stifling here in New Jersey. In winter, we get single digit temperatures too, so this tile has seen it all in the past 6+ years. 
I Installed the 6″ x 36″ Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks in My Basement
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