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High Quality Classroom Window Shades

In public and private schools alike most window shades need to meet certain standards of quality. Our shades meet these standards.

Buy School Quality Window Treatments at Real Wholesale Prices

Order high quality window shades for your school’s classrooms in the sizes you need. Our huge on-hand inventory assures quick delivery.

A large selection of colors to choose from. All opaque material that meets general specs for classroom use.

In partnership with a U.S. manufacturer, we now have the ability to make and ship window shades that meet specifications for school classrooms and deliver them quickly (usually within 2 weeks) directly to your school.

We Know The Shades You Need For Classrooms

Classrooms today need shades that provide specific functionality.

  1. Eliminate Natural Light When Needed. More and more of today’s classrooms are equipped with Smartboards. Sunlight can affect the visbility and make it difficult for students to see the content on the board. Our Classroom Shades are blackout shades-opaque. They do the job.
  2. Chain Operated. Roller spring shades can sometimes be difficult to place in the exact position the teacher wants them. Classrooms with a series of shades, they seldom all pull down and stay in the right position. A teach may spend valuable time adjusting the level of the shades. The Chain-and-Clutch Operation of our Classroom Shades allow for adjustment to exact levels in just seconds.
  3. Privacy and Safety From Intruders Is Essential. The safety of students and teachers alike is an uppermost concern. Opaque shades can save lives.
  4. Extra-Narrow Shades for Doors & Extra-Wide Shades for a Large Span Of Windows. We have bulk material and assemble window shades to order. We have everything you need for Classroom Window Coverings.
  5. Motorization for Your Shades is Also Available. If push-button operation is what you need, we have that too. We have wall-switch controls and remote control too.


  • Widths as narrow as 12″ and as wide as 120″
  • Lengths as long 144″

PRICING: $2.69 per square foot + $8.00 per unit for delivery. FREE DELIVERY for ORDERS $2000+