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Sorry, the item you selected is no longer available.

If you would like a recommendation for an alternative item OR a referral to another company, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email.

Call 1-800-343-0780 or Email: info@mazwerwholesale.com

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Who We Serve:

We serve businesses and organizations- saving them money on things they use and sell every day, including but not limited to;

Property Management and Maintenance, Disaster Restoration, Disaster Recovery, and Relief, Schools, Churches and Facilities Management, Non-Profit Organizations, Summer Camps, and Event Management

Our Product Line is Diverse. We Sell:

Window Blinds, Shades and Vinyl Flooring, Heavy Duty Trash Bags and Poly Sheeting, Tarps and Personal Protection Gear, Door Locks, Hardware, and Plumbing Items, Paint Sundries and Adhesive Tapes, Stationary and School Supplies, Janitorial Supplies and Seasonal Goods, Inflatable Beds

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