Wholesale Prices Since 1986


Minimum Order Requirements

We are a wholesale company but we DO sell to the public…SO LONG as you meet the minimum order requirements.

This page explains the details about our minimum order requirements.

Different Product Categories May Have Different Rules

As a wholesale company, we purchase products from various manufacturers and importers around the USA and around the world. We also stock and ship products from various warehouses (all of which are in the USA).

  1. Due to the variety of products, their weight, size, value, and the warehouse where they are stocked, it’s necessary for us to have minimum order requirements for most products.
  2. Due to our low wholesale pricing strategy, we need to sell in bulk quantities. This is so we can generate enough profit to cover the cost of order processing. We exist because of our low-price-for-bulk-purchase business style.

Each Of Our Product Categories has its minimum order requirement. These are described on each category page. We are also in the process of adding that detail in the item description of every product we sell.


Our Minimum Order PER ITEM

You will notice that each item has a pre-filled order quantity. This is the MINIMUM QUANTITY ORDER REQUIREMENT.

Some items have a minimum order quantity of 1. Some have a minimum order quantity of 144…and everywhere in between. If the minimum order showing on the item is 6, but you want to order more than 6, the next increment you need to order is 12. We can not sell you 7,8,9,10, or 11.

We only sell by the full box, or the full case, and for some items, the whole pallet-full.

We’re not trying to be tough on you. It’s just that we are a wholesale company and our prices do not include the cost of handling and repacking individual items.