Peel and Stick Floor Tile Outdoor Installation

While our peel & stick tile is not made for outdoor installation, I laid this singular tile in my driveway at home (while my wife was out of town) in July, 2016.

As of the day of creating this page on our website, May 9, 2017, the tile is still firmly in place.

Is Vinyl Floor Tile Waterproof?

I decided to put our tile to the waterproof test. A lot of people ask, “Is the tile waterproof?” and I always tell them they should think of any kitchen floor. All kitchen floors will be cleaned and moped with water sometimes. All kitchen floors will experience spills. We will naturally and to clean and dry after mopping or cleaning up spills. We don’t let water stand on our kitchen floor.

Watch this video demonstrating a single tile installed in 90+ degree heat on a rough-surface cement driveway. This tile has been outside in heat, cold, rain, and submerged in snow and slush. The tile is still firmly in place with no extra adhesive…I just peeled it and stuck it in place.

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