Blue Painter’s Tape, 1″ x 60 yards

Must order in groups of 36. Minimum order: 36.


Cheapest Price on Blue Painter’s Tape.

We know you shop online to save money so we go right to rock-bottom wholesale pricing on high quality the blue painter’s tape you need for your business. Compare and save.

1″ Blue Painter’s Masking Tape at the Lowest Wholesale Price

People shop here when they’re looking to buy in bulk– by the full case, which qualifies for wholesale prices.

Buy 1″x 60 yards Blue Tape in Bulk-Save Money

Our painter’s tape provides an estimated 14-day clean release. It is UV resistant.

  • Creates sharp, clean paint lines
  • Quick and easy removal. Leaves behind no stick residue
  • Adheres quickly and easily to a painted walls, trim, wallpaper, glass and wood
  • UV and light resistant with up to 14 day clean removal
  • Interior and exterior use

This product is sold only in full case quantities with 36 rolls per case.

There is a $75 minimum on tape.

Our super-low wholesale price on Blue Painter’s Tape

Also available in 2″ x 60 yard size.

Additional information

Weight .45 lbs


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