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Summer Camp Supplies

A typical summer camp has lots of buildings, and lots of ground which need to be built, cleaned, and maintained. They have lots of activities which need supplies and they also generate lots of trash.

Purchase Summer Camp Supplies Wholesale

As a supplier to hardware stores since 1986, many summer camps have turned to Mazer Wholesale over the years for a wide variety of maintenance and housekeeping products. As a wholesaler to the discount and $1.00 store trade, camps have discovered wholesale pricing on disposable goods such as plastic table covers, cheap paper towels, foil cooking pans and craft items.

3000+ Items-Wholesale

Retailers, property management companies, contractors, builders, landscapers: Find a huge selection of Hardware, Locks, Tools, Janitorial Supplies, Painter’s Supplies, Plumbing, Electrical Supplies, Pest Control, Fasteners and more.

Hardware Wholesale Catalog

More than 3000 items in dozens of categories. The items in these catalogs are shipped from our New Jersey warehouse. Combine items from any catalog to achieve the $400.00 minimum purchase requirement within this product category.

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packaged hardware-hoods, screws
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Wholesale padlocks and bike locks
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wholesale padlocks-door hardware-hasps
CLICK HERE to view our wholesale catalog of Safety Hasps and Door Security Hardware.
Residential Door Locks-Wholesale
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commercial door locks-wholesale
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Wholesale door hardware-window hardware
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Wholesale tools
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Painting accessories
Wholesale pricing 100’s of Paint and Painting Accessories. High quality and disposable. CLICK HERE.
wholesale Janitorial Supplies Catalog
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Wholesale Work Gloves
For Wholesale Prices on a Wide Range of Work Gloves, CLICK HERE.
Wholesale Rope Twine Clothesline
CLICK HERE to see our low wholesale pricing on rope, twine, clothesline and clothesline hardware.
Wholesale electrical supplies
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wholesale flashlights-lanterns-camp lights
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disposable plastic table covers
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Wholesale Maintenance Supplies for Camp

These are some of the main categories of products we supply to summer camps within the category of maintenance supplies. If you don’t see something you need here, please don’t hesitate to call. We have been the the business for over 30 years and our network of suppliers, manufacturers, importers and trading partners is extensive.

  • Trash Bags: We carry a large variety of trash bags, contractor bags, drum liners and trash can liners, including clear trash bags
  • Cleaning Supplies: Cotton mops, mop sticks, mop heads, sponge mops, dust mops, cheap brooms for bunks & cabins, heavy duty brooms for outside and larger areas, push brooms, scrub brushes, dust pans, rags, wringer buckets, cheap buckets.
  • Tape: Masking tape, duct tape, electric tape, caution tape, blue painter’s tape.
  • Painting Supplies: Paint brushes, paint rollers, putty knives, paint scrapers, paint trays, caulking compound, foam brushes and rollers and lots more.
  • Tarps: Blue tarps (lots of sizes) and Clear plastic drop cloths.
  • Tools: All kinds of hand tools, garden tools, drill bits, utility knives, tape measures. A variety of cheap tools and better quality tools, saw blades.
  • Locks: Door locks, padlocks (keyed different, keyed alike, combination locks, bike locks), bathroom, privacy and passage locksets & more.
  • Plumbing: Faucets, faucet stems, toilet parts, toilet seats, plungers, shower heads, sink drains, valves, fittings and a lot more.
  • Protective Items: Work gloves, garden gloves, latex and vinyl gloves, dust masks, safety glasses & safety goggles.
  • Hardware: Door bolts, screw hooks, drywall screws, nails, hinges, gate hinges, gate latches, hasps, storm door hardware, door pulls and more.
  • Smoke Alarms, carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Electrical Supplies: Light fixtures, switches, receptacles, power strips and surge protectors, extension cords, electric fans and heaters, flashlights, night lights.
  • Rope & Chain, garden hose, shovels, rakes hoes.

Supplying General Items Needed Around Camp

  • Disposable Plastic Table Covers
  • Disposable Foil Pans