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Kids playing with crafts

We are a wholesaler of General Merchanside.  Buyers for school supplies, arts & crafts supplies, and things churches use and donate to their communities turn to us for products they use frequently. 

We are 3rd generation hardware retailers (maybe 4th!). Back then, a hardware store was synonymous with a GENERAL STORE. As you can imagine a General Store can sell…generally…anything! Therefore, we have always had a proclivity to sell anything that would be in demand to a homeowner, to a builder, to a child who needs a birthday present.

Wholesale Supplies For Schools, Churches, and Camps Can Buy Wholesale

Schools, churches, and camps have many of the same needs.

  • They have children which means they need educational games and activities, craft supplies, and kids’ stationery.
  • They have buildings which need basic maintenance supplies, hardware, and janitorial products, from floor to ceiling, and wall-to-wall.
  • They have windows which need to be covered with appropriate blinds and shades.
  • They have dormitories, bunks, & cabins for their living quarters.
  • They make trash which creates the need for trashcan liners.

A Place to Order Activities and Crafts for Kids

Dozens of Arts & Crafts Supplies for Kids. BUY WHOLESALE!

Stationery, Markers, & Crayons. BUY WHOLESALE!

A Place to Order All Kinds of Tools, Fasteners, and Hardware

  • Basic Hand Tools: Pliers-Hammers-Tape Measures
  • Fasteners: Hooks-Brackets-Drywall Screws-Picture Hangers
  • Door Hardware: Hasps-Door Bolts-Door Chains-Door & Gate Springs (much more)
  • Locks: Door Locks & Padlocks (and Keyed Alike Locks)
  • Tape: Masking Tape-Blue Painter’s Tape-Duct Tape

A Place to Order Window Furnishings

College Dormitory
Window blinds needed for College Dormitory-Campus housing

Your facilities have windows and windows need to be dressed within blinds or shades. Save money…BUY WHOLESALE.

Sure, if you only need to replace a couple of blinds, you can usually get them at a local store, a Walmart, or even online. But if you want to get a lower price, buying window blinds in bulk from a wholesaler is the way to go.

If you ever need some help finding a good deal on products you need to buy in bulk and you want to find the best price, check us at at You’re also welcome to give us a call! We’d love to help you find the things you need, even if we don’t have them.