Tarps for Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping

More uses for tarps for the landscaping business and commercial landscapers

Tarps are for more than to cover leaky roofs and outdoor furniture! There are other commercial uses that save contractors time and provide retailers with big profits.

Professional Landscapers and Landscape Supply Companies Need BIG TARPS

If you have need to use or sell tarps in your business, ESPECIALLY BIG TARPS, and if you want to save money by buying tarps wholesale, you’re in the right place.

What is the Biggest Tarp I Can Get?

Our largest stock-size tarp is 100’x100′, but we supply tarps of all sizes, from 5’x7′ to 100’x100′ and dozens of sizes in between. Yep…100×100′ is a big ol’ tarp, for sure!

How to Cover Large Areas of Ground or Bulk Material

Tarps to cover large quantities of bulk material
Covering bulk material reduces unwanted vegetation growth, limits rain/water damage and runoff, and preserves value.

To keep a large area of ground or bulk materials covered, it may be best to order large tarps. However, working with large tarps can be cumbersome.

For most situations, using multiple tarps of the same length and width is easier. When covering a large area outdoors, it’s also wise to use rope to tie the tarps together and lay SANDBAGS intermittently around the perimeter and on top of the tarps. Wind is the enemy and if wind lifts your tarps, you may lose them, as well as the material or product you’re trying to preserve.

Tarps For Roofers

We also supply roofing companies with tarps. We carry 4mil thick Blue Tarps and 10mil thick Silver and Green tarps. Both the Green and the Silver tarps are black on the opposite side.

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