Flooring for Your Rental Properties

Want a long-lasting vinyl floor tile for your properties you can buy in bulk at a real wholesale price? Here’s a great collection of high quality vinyl floor tile.

This is our Gray Terrazzo Pattern. It’s beautiful in the garage, basement, or any room in the house.

High Quality Vinyl Peel & Stick Tile Will Save You Time and Money

Now you can save money on your flooring material and installation. This is a very high qualility, Light-Commercial Grade peel & stick vinyl tile that’s so good, you can park a truck on it. That’s right. We originally developed this product for the garage flooring industry but it’s so durable and so affordable, it’d be crazy not to check it out.

Not only is the price low, installation is fast and easy.

This floor tile comes in several patterns which are ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, or just about anywhere you’re not using carpet. It also comes in solid colors. Solid colors are selling mostly for garage and commercial applications.

Advantages of Using This Low-Cost Commercial Grade Tile in Your Properties

There are many advantages in using this low-pricesd-high quality self-adhesive vinyl tile in your investment properties:

  • It’s durable enough to part cars and light truck on it so it’s defintely good enough for homes and apartments
  • Prices under $2.00/square foot
  • No need for a professional installer
  • Damaged tiles can easily be removed with the help of heat and replacements installed instantly
  • Glossy finish is easily cleaned
  • Neutral colors & patterns are suitable with any color paint and decor

See our current selection of heavy duty self-stick vinyl flooring.

We have special pricing for full-pallet buyers of this heacy duty vinyl floor tile. 80-square feet per box, 3600 square feet per pallet.

The tile is well packed in thick-double-wall corrugated boxes and can be stacked up to 6 feet high and will stay fresh and ready to use for years in your dry storage area.

Buying in bulk assures you will have exact matches for replacing tiles when needed for the long term. This is a significant advantage as a hedge against inflation and avoiding the need to replace entire floors for years or even decades.

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