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What is a Liftgate Fee?

liftgate truck

What is a Liftgate Fee?

First, let’s start out by explaining what is a LIFTGATE.

A liftgate is a piece of equipment that is added on to some (but not all) freight trucks. It’s used to lower a large and/or heavy piece of freight from the truck to the ground.

The item(s) are most often on a pallet. The pallet is moved with a pallet jack. Both of these pieces of equipment are strong enough to move 1500 pounds or more with relative ease.

Why Is There an Extra Charge for a Liftgate Delivery, and How Much Does It Cost?

Not all trucks have liftgates. It’s an expensive piece of equipment. Further, the liftgate takes a beating and they need maintenance and repair.

Liftgate-equipped trucks deliver to residential locations and commercial locations which do not have a loading lock or a forklift with which to unload a truck. All residential locations and many commercial locations require a delivery appointment. This is also an extra expense for the trucking companies.

For these reasons, the trucking companies charge more more liftgate deliveries.

There is no STANDARD LIFTGATE FEE. Trucking companies charge different prices. Sometimes $75.00 and sometimes all the way up to $200.

We typically add $75 and most often, we pay more.