What Is a View Binder and How Can I Get a Wholesale Price?

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What is a View Binder and How Can I Buy in Bulk?

Attached to a View Binder is a thin covering of clear plastic which surrounds the product. The plastic is open at the top on the front, back and spine so that sheet of paper can be inserted in order to identify the content inside.

What is a View Binder
A view binder allows for a sheet of paper to be inserted, Front-Back, and Spine to identify the content inside.

3-ring binders come in various sizes, colors, and “capacities”. The capacity is an estimate of how many sheets of hole-punched paper they can hold. In this article, we are referring to standard size binders that hold standard size sheets of paper.

The paper used in standard size binders is either 8″x10″ lined paper (which is commonly called “FILLER PAPER”) or 8-1/2″x11″ plain paper (which is now commonly referred to as “COPY PAPER.”

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They are available in many colors and sizes:

1/2″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, and 3″