What to Do When Peel and Stick Flooring Won’t Stick

The glue on the back of self-adhesive floor tile is usually very strong. In a matter of minutes, it typically begins to set once you peel off the paper backing and apply it to the floor. However, there are occasions where some tiles won’t stick well. You may get one corner of a tile or one side of a tile which keeps popping up. No matter how much pressure you apply, once removed, the thing just pops up again.

Adding Adhesive to Self Adhesive Flooring

This video (below) describes 2 adhesive solutions to getting the stubborn tiles to stick to your floor. There is more to read on this subject below the video. Please let us know if you’ve found the information in this video helpful.

We do not recommend using extra adhesive as a precautionary measure. We only recommend it if needed.

Ideally, you should install the first 4-6 tiles and stop. Let the tiles set for about an hour. More if you have the patience.

It’s far more common for the tiles to stick well. Please do not interpret that the adhesive on peel & stick flooring is weak and doesn’t work. It usually does.

When you first lay a tile, it’s easy to pick it up to reposition it, in case you didn’t place it just right. But in an hour, the tile should be very difficult to peel up without tearing. If you can easily remove the tile, there may be something about your subfloor surface which is unfriendly to the adhesive on your tiles. In this case, you will need to help your tile stick with one of the adhesives demonstrated in the video. Likewise, if any of the tiles are popping up on one side or any of the corners, you will want to reinforce those spots with wither of these recommended adhesives.

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