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Who Has the Lowest Price on Nexus Peel & Stick Floor Tile?

At the price of UNDER 50¢ per square foot (first-quality, NOT closeouts), this is the best price on peel & stick floor tile.

The Cheapest Price on Self-Adhesive Vinyl Flooring in the USA

Not to brag, but our company has the lowest wholesale price on peel & stick floor tile.

How do we do it?

  • We are a wholesale company which means we start with a lower markup than retailers.
  • We sell cheap to attract customers who order in larger quantities.
  • Bulk orders get an advantage because the larger the shipment the lower the price per pound of goods shipped.

Here’s How Bulk Buyers Save Money:

Our minimum order for Nexus tile is $350.00. For covering an average floor, $350.00 is very inexpensive. A $350.00 order of Nexus tile will buy 700 square feet of 12″ x 12″ tiles, OR you will get 450 square feet for $388.50 of our Nexus Wood-Look peel & stick 6″x36″ planks.

Your cost is only 50¢ per square foot for the tiles and 86.3¢ per square foot for the planks.

These prices do not include shipping, but with shipping added, we’re usually still the cheapest price.

Here’s How Bigger Buyers Save Money

We can’t discount the price of the tile any further because we really do sell at the true wholesale price, the bigger savings come when your order is bigger.

Tile is heavy so it’s expensive to ship, but here’s how you benefit by ordering more:

A typical order for $400 worth of tile (40 boxes) weighs about 450 pounds. This shipment (at today’s shipping prices which are higher than ever [date stamp April 7, 2022] will run between $285.00-$385.00 depending on your location. Your final cost will be in the neighborhood of $1.00/square foot for the tile and about $1.30 for the planks.

HOWEVER, if you need TWICE  the amount of tile or planks, the shipping charge will NOT double. In fact, there’s barely any difference in the shipping cost of 450 pounds and 900 pounds.

So if you order 80 boxes of Nexus tile you will pay about $797.00 for the tile plus about $300.00 for the shipping. Now your final cost will be approximately $1097.00 which is a final delivered cost of $13.71/box which is 69¢ per square foot.

Likewise, if you order 60 boxes of the Nexus Planks, your final cost will come to about $1097.00 with shipping included which is $18.28 per box, and this is only $1.22 per square foot…DELIVERED.

***Please note: these are our wholesale prices as of April 7, 2022. Pricing and shipping are volatile and in no way are these prices or shipping estimates promised or guaranteed. The point of this page is to give you an idea about how you can (and most likely will) get the best price on Nexus Brand peel & stick floor tile and planks, especially if you’re in need of a bulk order.

The more you buy, the less your final delivered cost. 

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Mazer Wholesale is a spinoff from Mike’s Hardware. Mike’s was founded by Andrew’s great Uncle Mike in Philadelphia in 1935.

Mazer Wholesale has been supplying hardware stores, multi-unit housing, Housing Authorities, contractors, property management companies, and consumers since 1986. We started carrying the Nexus line when it was first introduced in 2001.

We are fortunate to have a previous relationship with the company (since 1986) before they added flooring to their selection of home furnishings.