Wholesale Hardware Merchandise

Since 1986, Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been supplying hardware stores, discounters, and general merchandise retailers with merchandise to resell in their stores. We carry a broad selection of goods which could satisfy about 70% of the major categories within a typical hardware store.

packaged hardware-hoods, screws

Hardware Wholesaler

For ease of use, our online HARDWARE catalog is broken into departments.  THIS department is HARDWARE & FASTENERS. To view this catalog, CLICK HERE.

To order merchandise (or if you have any questions at all) please call us at 1-800-343-0780. 

This category includes items like:

  • Picture and Mirror Hanging Hooks, Wire, and Kits
  • Metal Hooks: Cup Hooks, Swag Hooks, Coat Hooks
  • Handy Hooks: Self Adhesive Hooks, Utility Hooks, Over-Door Hooks, Closet Hooks and Suction Hooks
  • Protector Pads: Floor Savers, Table Savers, Stick-on Bumpers
  • Hook & Loop (Velcro-style) Fasteners
  • Toggle Bolts and Wall Anchors
  • Screw Hooks, Hook & Eye, Large Storage Hooks
  • Link Chain and Tie-Wire
  • Packaged Hardware: Packaged Nails, Screws, Brass Hooks, Brads, Wire Nails, Anchors, Metal Screws, Wood Screws
  • 1lb. Boxes of Nails and Drywall Screws

Merchandise in this category must be purchased in case-pack minimum order quantities shown with an overall order minimum of $400.00. Orders can be combined across all categories in the entire HARDWARE DEPARTMENT.