Wholesale Trash Can Liners-Trash Bags in Bulk

You go shopping online to find a good source for the lowest prices. At Mazer Wholesale, we know this. That’s why we work on the smallest markup so we can give you the

Cheapest Prices on Bulk Trash Bags, Trash Can Liners, Contractor Bags and Drum Liners

Our core business since 1986 has been in service to retailers. They need to buy at the lowest possible wholesale price so they can purchase at a rate where they can resell the trash bags they buy from us. That’s why we must be able to supply the best prices.

wholesale trash bags-trash can liners-garbage bags

Small Orders or Large Orders-Same Low Wholesale Price

Our philosophy is to supply customers at the lowest wholesale price, no matter what the quantity. Small orders are welcome with no extra charge. It’s always to the buyers advantage to buy as much quantity of trash bags as possible because you will get a better shipping rates. Orders can be for as little as– one box.

We stock the following sizes of heavy duty bulk trash bags. Special sizes can also be made. Just give us a call at 1-800-343-0780

15x9x31 1.2mil BLACK 12-16 GALLON 500ct
30×36 1.2mil BLACK 20-30 GALLON 250ct
30×36 1.5mil BLACK 20-30 GALLON 200ct
33×39 1.2mil BLACK 33 GALLON 100ct
33×39 1.5mil BLACK 33 GALLON 100ct
22x14x44 1.2mil BLACK 40 GALLON 100ct
22x14x44 1.7mil BLACK 40 GALLON 100ct
23x17x46 1.2mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct
23x17x46 1.5mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct
23x17x46 1.7mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct
23x17x46 2.0mil BLACK 45 GALLON 100ct
22x14x52 1.2mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct
22x14x52 1.5mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct
22x14x52 1.7mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct
22x14x52 2.0mil BLACK 55 GALLON 100ct
22x16x56 1.5mil BLACK 60 GALLON -1 100ct
22x16x56 1.7mil BLACK 60 GALLON -1 100ct
22x16x58 1.7mil BLACK 60 GALLON 100ct
22x16x58 2.0mil BLACK 60 GALLON 100ct
22x14x44 1.2mil CLEAR 40 GALLON 100ct
23x17x46 1.5mil CLEAR 45 GALLON 100ct
39×50 1.2mil CLEAR 50 GALLON 100ct

Large Quantity Discounts for Large Orders of Trash Bags

Like just about anything, it’s more cost effective to serve or sell in bulk. Orders for full pallets of trash bags (which could be 50 boxes or up to 200 boxes, depending on the item) will usually command an additional discount off our normal wholesale price. And, as is typical, the delivery cost comes down with the high-quantity purchase. For those seeking to make bulk purchases, it’s best to call us in order to work out the best options in terms of size and thickness of the bags and also to determine how many bags per box is most useful for you.

We are your direct link to one of the largest plastic bag manufacturers in the USA

Our special relationship with a privately held trash bag factory give us (and you) inside access to the rock bottom pricing an assurance you’re getting the bags which serve you best. The lowest price for trash bags is important and it’s our goal and specialty, but there’s much more to buying the right bags. Buying the wrong bags based upon price only will invariably lead to wasted money. You don’t want to buy a bag which isn’t strong enough or big enough because you’ll just either end up with a mess due to broken bags or using extra bags. Either way you have waste both in money and in time.

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