Garage Floor Tile-Peel & Stick-Epoxy Look

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Super easy & super cheap. A 1-day job even for an average amateur Do-It Yourselfer. This is our newest pattern called Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Garage Flooring

Many of our customers have tried painting their garage floor only to experience the ugly chipping and flaking, turn all their hard work and expense into an eyesore.

Now you can peel and stick directly onto your bare cement garage floor or previously painted surface with barely any preparation.

Salt & Pepper Epoxy Paint Look

Now you can get the epoxy paint look you want for your garage floor at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time. Peel & stick tile is so easy, you can do a 2 or even a 3 car garage in one afternoon and park your car on it the next day.

Preparing Your Cement Floor for Vinyl Tile Installation

Preparation is a breeze. Fill in all cracks and holes. Because the vinyl tile is flexible, it WILL sink into any cracks or holes which may exist. You will need to fill these with floor patch or floor leveler. This comes in a ready-to-use form straight out of the can. Just as spackling compound is used for filling in imperfections in a wall prior to painting, floor patch is applied the same way using a simple putty knife. The main difference is that the floor patch hardens more like cement.

After the surface is smooth, all you need to do is make it clean and dry and you’re ready to go.

Get a close look at this tile and our wholesale price at

Not only is this product affordable but you can do it all yourself in just a few hours.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been established since 1986. We started out supplying independently-owned hardware stores with all kinds of products (including floor tile) for them to resell in their stores. We have take the wholesale price model online and now we serve everyone with true wholesale pricing.

Check out all our great patters of floor tile and other home decor and remodeling items at

By the way, we LOVE customer service so please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. -1-800-343-0780

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