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Garage Floor Tile

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new peel & stick floor tile product.

Self Adhesive Garage Floor Tiles – The Cheapest & Easiest Flooring Solution

After several years in testing and development this new Garage and Basement Flooring is ready for full-scale distribution to the public and to flooring retailers.  100’s of consumers have purchased the vinyl flooring tile for the specific purpose of installing in their garage where they park their cars. Just 99¢/square foot, DELIVERED FREE. Click Here to see available patterns.

Garage and basement flooring tile

Most of our customers who tile their garage like to use the black and white checkerboard pattern. However, we do have other patterns like our granite and natural stone look in our garage and basement flooring line.

The results of several years of testing in various areas around the United States, from Florida to Oregon, Maine to California, Arizona to Michigan, this material as proven itself to be the cheapest and best solution for a garage or basement floor.  Man caves everywhere are becoming more stylish and more fun starting from the floor on up!

What makes this tile special and perfect for your garage or basement floor?

  1. It’s incredibly easy to install. the cost to install flooring is very often more expensive than the flooring material itself. This is common.  However, men and women of all ages have reported back to us with pride and satisfaction, they did the whole job themselves in just a day (or evening) or 2.  It IS a rewarding feeling to see and enjoy your finished product.
  2. A little more on installation: It’s very easy to cut. A simple razor knife and a straight edge is all you need. The tile is flexible, not brittle, so when you’re installing, it forgives rather than breaks like other tiles do. And while you’re installing your floor tile, it’s easy to lift and reposition if you don’t get a tile just right. The adhesive is strong but it gives you a few minutes to get it into position before it really bonds to the cement.
  3. It’s easy to keep clean. The glossy surface needs only a damp mopping to keep it clean. Should the finish suffer from neglect or grime becoming ground in, there are plenty of no-wax vinyl floor cleaners that’ll bring back the shine.  (Keep in mind, this IS a cheap flooring solution, it’s not a miracle product.)
  4. You can research all the garage and basement flooring solutions on the market and consumer reviews on them.  There are lots of choices.  Most are either more expensive, are difficult to install (or require professional installation) and none of them get 100% great reviews. Our tile gets very good reviews and for the price and ease of installation, is arguably the best for those looking for an economic solution. Especially one you can complete by yourself in a weekend.

See what dozens of our customers have said about our low priced vinyl peel & stick tile flooring, click here.

The video below demonstrates our new pattern: Salt & Pepper Epoxy Paint Look.

The video below shows me, Andrew Mazer installing our peel & stick black & white flooring in my own garage at my home in New Jersey.