Importing Blinds For Multi-Unit Housing Projects

Container Load of Window Blinds

Do you have a multi-unit housing project coming up? Gonna need a lot of window blinds and patio door verticals?

You need a an experienced import agent to help you get the best deal from the factory and a smooth, risk-free transaction. 


How to Save Money By Importing Window Blinds for Your Multi-Unit Project

A shipping container can transport 1000’s of blinds. Even if you don’t max-out the space in a container, you’re discount on a large quantity of blinds will still yield big savings.

No matter what sizes the architects specify, all your sizes will be manufactured and delivered to your specific window sizes.

It’s like getting all the lumber for a building with every board perfectly cut to size and labeled – ready to put into place.

Order Mini Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Aluminum Blinds, and Verticals!

We have the factory relationships and samples of everything we have available…even custom colors.

Importing Directly From Overseas Is Easy – With a Team

Importing your blinds involves coordination and some expertise.

Just as it’s wise to have an attorney at your side to navigate legal matters, and similarly, having a CPA to keep the IRS wolves away from your door, you should have an expert to guide you as you import products from abroad. (And they are much less expensive than lawyers and CPA’s!) These experts are often in ONE OFFICE: A Customs Broker.

Packaging The Blinds You Plan To Import

Assuming you’re buying blinds to use in your multi-family project, you’ll need the simplest of packaging. No need for fancy packaging. All products will be properly labeled. The extra pennies you save across 1000’s of blinds serves to save you money.

Here’s some more practical advice:

  • Order extra tilt wands. There will be occasional requests for replacement wands.
  • If you are ordering blinds longer than 72″, you may want to consider ordering 78″ and longer blinds with longer wands.
  • You can assure you the product and installation instructions will be written in perfect American English. We don’t leave this detail to chance.
  • The USA requires CORDLESS BLINDS – ONLY unless they are custom made. Don’t forget this important detail because they will be stopped at the port of entry!
  • Allow for 120 days for delivery of your container. It’s seldom more than 90 days to arrive at port but you never know when delays can arise.

Valuable Advice When Importing

You never want to be your own lawyer and you definitely don’t want to be your own import agent – at least not until you have MANY transactions under your belt.

Need Advice? You’re welcome to call us. 1-800-343-0780 or Email:

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