The Benefits of Importing Window Blinds for Your Apartment Building Project

Window blinds for 10-story building

When it comes to outfitting windows for your Apartment Building, get the best pricing when you buy direct from the factory. For developers, property managers, and large retailers,  importing window blinds by the container-load (or even 1/2 container-load) is a smart choice. 

Import Your Window Blinds & Save $1000’s

Save Money On Window Blinds
Importing blinds for your bigger projects saves you time and $1000’s

The biggest advantage of importing window blinds in bulk is lowering your cost. Obviously, you can’t go to Walmart and buy hundreds or 1000’s of blinds to furnish window blinds for your next projects.

Purchasing blinds in bulk allows you to take advantage of BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES. An experienced import agent will negotiate directly with the factory, significantly reducing the per-unit cost. This bulk buying strategy provides substantial savings.

When blinds are purchased by the 1000’s, you could save anywhere between $2.00 to $30.00 per blind, depending upon the type and size of the blind. 

Order All the Blinds You Need For Your Project

When ordering direct from the factory, you’ll know that every blind will be made the same throughout the entire products. This means:

  • Each blind will be the same color. Let’s say you’re ordering white vinyl mini blinds. Well, not all WHITES are the same. Pigments can vary from one production to the next. But when importing ALL the blinds you order will be the same shade of white. This matters, because if some of the blinds are whiter than others and they are installed in the same room, it will be noticeable.
  • If you are buying blinds from wholesalers or other importers, the styling of the headrail could be different, than the headrail on blind which have come from another source. If that happens, the brackets may vary in style and shape requiring the need to replace the existing brackets which is an expense in time and labor.

Customization Options

There are 4 types of importers who buy window blinds.

  1. The importer who buys standard sizes. This type of importer buys an assortment of blinds with standard widths (every inch from about 17″ wide to 60″ wide, and from 48″ long to 72″ long. These are the types of blinds that are often sold in retail stores
  2. The importer who is buying for a multi-unit housing project. This type of importer is going to supply a builder of a new building (or more than one building), or someone who is refurbishing and older building.
  3.  The importer who is supplying a builder who is converting an office building into an apartment building. With the major business and lifestyle changes since COVID-19, the concept of work-from-home (remote workers and freelancers), 1000’s of empty commercial buildings are being converted to apartment buildings.
  4. The importer who is hired by a builder who wants EXACT-FIT blinds. These customers do not want to buy standard-length blinds (48″, 64″, 72″, 84″). They want the blinds to cover their windows with no extra slats sitting on the bottom rail (exact-fit) for a neat, clean appearance. Your blinds are customized meet your (or your customer’s) exact specifications.

Whether you need 1″ cordless vinyl mini blinds or 2″ cordless faux wood blinds, manufacturers can produce blinds in just about any size. This is particularly beneficial for projects with unique architectural designs where window sizes may vary significantly. Custom-sized blinds ensure a perfect fit, enhancing the overall look and functionality of the window treatments.

Quality Control

Importing directly from manufacturers allows you to ensure that the blinds meet your quality standards. You can select trusted suppliers known for their high-quality products, and even request samples before placing a large order. This direct relationship with manufacturers can result in better quality control, ensuring that the blinds are durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Streamlined Logistics

Managing the logistics of window treatment installation for a large apartment building can be a complex task. Importing blinds by the container-load simplifies this process. Instead of coordinating multiple shipments from various suppliers, you receive a single, consolidated shipment. This can reduce lead times, minimize the risk of delivery delays, and streamline the installation process, keeping your project on schedule.

Enhanced Aesthetic Consistency

Using the same style of blinds throughout the apartment building helps maintain a cohesive look, which is crucial for the building’s overall aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose 1″ cordless vinyl mini blinds for a sleek, modern look or 2″ cordless faux wood blinds for a more classic, elegant appearance, uniformity in window treatments can significantly enhance the visual harmony of the apartments.

Meeting Architectural Demands

Architects sometimes specify odd window sizes, which can pose a challenge if you’re purchasing blinds from standard retail outlets. By importing blinds directly, you can order custom sizes that match the architects’ specifications perfectly. This flexibility ensures that every window in your apartment building is covered with blinds that fit seamlessly, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming alterations.

In conclusion, importing window blinds by the container-load for your apartment building project offers numerous benefits, including cost efficiency, customization, quality control, streamlined logistics, aesthetic consistency, and the ability to meet specific architectural demands. With options like 1″ cordless vinyl mini blinds and 2″ cordless faux wood blinds, you can ensure that every apartment is equipped with stylish, high-quality window treatments that enhance both functionality and appeal.

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