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Cheapest prices on plastic signs to sell in your store, to use in your place of business or property. Weather resistant, high visibility.

When you need to bulk order plastic signs for your business, you need a reliable wholesale supplier that can deliver without compromising quality. Find the ones you need for your retail store or for your property at Mazer Wholesale, Inc.

A Large Selection of Plastic Signs for Bulk Buyers

When you order our weatherproof plastic signs from Mazer Wholesale, you get to take advantage of bulk pricing you won’t find elsewhere.

We stock a wide range of plastic signs for hardware stores, dollar stores, discount stores, farm stores, general stores, owners of large properties, real estate agents, and well…all kinds of businesses.

Whether you are looking to designate no parking areas, No Smoking areas, show your business hours, or announce your yard sale, we’ve got the sign for you. These are superior in terms of value because of their durability, cost, high visibility, and weather-resistance.

Delivers Your Message on 9″x12 and 12″x16″ Highly Visible, Weather-Resistant Plastic Signs

Use them indoors or outdoors. The signs are printed with high visibility, fade-resistant colors.

We carry 61 different signs which means we cover just about every typicl need. Each title comes in a pack of 24.

Cheapest Prices for Plastic Signs

Don’t let the low price fool you. These signs are made to last. Plastic signs are inexpensive, making them ideal for bulk orders. Retailers enjoy great profit margins and bulk users of signs enjoy the low wholesale pricing.

Who Buys Plastic Signs in Bulk Quantities?

Most average homeowners need not buy signs in quantity. A home with a dog may wish to post 2 or 3 Beware of Dog signs around their property but bulk buyers are generally those with large, multi-acre properties and businesses.

Minimal Shipping Costs

Plastic signs are cheap to ship because we can fit several hundred of them in one box. Most orders ship via UPS.

Why Mazer Wholesale Is The Right Supplier For You?

Our business model is simple: To supply customers with lower prices than they will find in any big-box store with quick shipping and a broad selection. We’ve been successful with this model since 1986 (and our customers are quite pleased)!

If you have any further questions about our product lines, give us a call or visit our website at

We have included a listing and links to all the popular PLASTIC SIGNS:

6″x11.5″ Open/Closed Sign with Clock7.5″x9″ Open/Closed Sign with ClockAbierto/ Cerrado 9″x12″

Apartment For Rent 9″x12″Apart For Rent 12″x16″Beware Of Dog 12″x16″

Beware of Dog 9″x12″Business Hours 12″x16″ Business Hours 9″x12″

Emergency Exit 12″x16″ Emergency Exit 9″x12″Employees Only 12″x16″

Employees Only 9″x12″ • Exit 12″x16″Exit 9″x12″

For Lease 12″x16″ For Lease 9″x12For Rent 12″x16″

For Rent 9″x12″ For Sale (2-Line) 12″x16″For Sale (2-Line) 9″x12″

For Sale 12″x16″For Sale 9″x12″ • Garage Sale 12″x16″Garage Sale 9″x12″

Help Wanted 12″x16″Help Wanted 9″x12″Keep Out 12″x16″ 

Keep Out 9″x12″Never Mind The Dog Beware of The Owner 12″x16″Never Mind The Dog Beware of The Owner 9″x12″

No Exchange No Refunds 12″x16″No Exchange No Refunds 9″x12″No Fumar/No Smoking 12″x16″ 

No Fumar/No Smoking 9″x12″No Intercambios No Se Devuelve El Dinero 12″x16″No Intercambios No Se Devuelve El Deniro 9″x12″

No Parking 12″x16″No Parking 9″x12″No Smoking 12″x16″

No Smoking 9″x12″No Soliciting 12″x16″No Soliciting 9″x12″

No Trespassing 12″x16″ • No Trespassing 9″x12″Open Sign w/ Closed Sign on Back 12″x16″

Open Sign w/ Closed Sign on Back 9″x12″ • Private Property No Trespassing 12″x16″Private Property No Trespassing 9″x12″

For Rent/Se Renta 12″x16″For Rent/Se Renta 9″x12″Se Vende/For Sale 12″x16″

Se Vende/For Sale 9″x12″ • Security Notice 12″x16″Security Notice 9″x12″

Tow Away 12″x16″Tow Away 9″x12″We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone 12″x16″

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone 9″x12″ • Yard Sale 12″x16″Yard Sale 9″x12″

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