Tarps Available in Southwest Florida – October, 2022

Heavy duty 6mil blue tarps

In response to Hurrican Ian, we have a truckoad load of 5mil Tarps on their way.

Attention Roofing and Tarping Companies, Builders, and Contractors: Assorted Sizes of Blue Tarps are Enroute to Sarasota at WHOLESALE PRICES.

Order tarps at real wholesale prices and pickup in our temporary warehouse in Sarasota, Florida.

The following sizes of tarps will be loaded on a truck and shipped to Sarasota this week of October 3rd, 2022.

We will be making these tarps available for pickup as soon as they arrive in the area. NO PRICE GOUGING HERE! ONLY 4.3¢ PER SQUARE FOOT! This is REAL wholesale pricing.

Reserve Your Tarp Order NOW. Here’s the List of What’s On the Truck:

400) 10×12 packed 20/case $5.09 each

1000) 20×30  packed 4/case $25.43 each

500) 30×40 packed 2/case $50.85 each

1000) 30×50 packed 1/case $63.56 each

Please order by phone: 941-666-6355 or email

Each item listed above is linked to each item on our website. If you order online, the website will add a shipping charge, so if you CAN pickup your order in Sarasota, you will not pay any shipping charge (saves you a LOT of money).


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