Where To Buy Very Narrow Window Blinds Cheap!

narrow window blinds

Window treatments for people who need to cover very narrow windows.

Window Blinds to Fit Narrow Windows

Very narrow windows are often built next to the front door of a home. They’re commonly known as “sidelights.” Some homes use frosted glass, some use curtains, and some use blinds.

doors with sidelights
The image on the left shows a door with 2 narrow sidelights that have narrow Faux Wood blinds. The image on the right show double-door with windows. Don’t you think this door would look better with a couple of Faux Wood or mini blinds instead of the shabby, old-looking curtains?

Most homeowners or renters typically need only one blind to cover their sidelight, but some doors are made with 2 sidelights. There are also doors – and double doors with glass lights which often need to be covered for privacy.

  1. Why are the narrow blinds so expensive compared to some of the wider blinds with the same material?
  2. Why is it so hard to find narrow window blinds?

Why Are Smaller (or Narrower) Blinds More Expensive Than Some Larger Sizes?

There are a few reasons why smaller (narrower and/or shorter) blinds are more expensive than some of their larger counterparts.

  1. Narrow window blinds are a specialty item. It’s much more common for people to order custom blinds for their very narrow windows. Custome-made blinds are drastically more expensive.
  2. They are a low-volume seller. A typical home has at least a dozen (and often) several dozen windows. But a home that needs a blind that’s less than 20″ wide is very rare. We need to order a large quantity of each size and color blind when we make an order with the factory. This means we have to sit on the inventory for a long time. Inventory sitting on a shelf is costly. Keeping a broad range of sizes means we have larger warehouse space and more “money” sitting on shelves.
  3. They cost less in terms of material, but the assembly takes the same amount of time in production. The labor required to make smaller blinds is just as much as it is to make larger blinds.

The Narrowest Stock Window Blinds Available

The narrowest stock size window blinds we have are 10″ wide and 72″ long. These are in our Faux Wood line.

The narrowest stock size vinyl mini blind we have is 11″ wide and 72″ long. These are available in Light-Filtering and Room Darkening.

We have 11″ wide Aluminum mini blinds too. And I’ll add that we also have Aluminum blinds 107″ wide! A massive selection of sizes!

All of our window blinds come in White and most come in Alabaster (off-white).

Visit our site to see the fill gamut of wholesale window blinds and shades.

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