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Wholesale mini blinds

Are you looking for the lowest prices on mini blinds for your

  • Apartment building…
  • Worksite office trailers…
  • Rental units…
  • College dorm rooms…
  • Offices…
  • School… YOU FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE! Mazer Wholesale, Inc…since 1986

Largest Selection of Good Quality, Stock-Sizes of Mini Blinds at the Cheapest Price

Since 1986, we have supplied retailers and bulk buyers with window furnishings they either use or sell in their business.

Discount store chains like Walmart, Family Dollar, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Target do not come close to our TRUE wholesale prices…NOR do any of them have the HUGE SELECTION OF SIZES we provide. REQUEST A CATALOG & PRICE LIST…email us at

Order Vinyl and Aluminum Mini Blinds WHOLESALE!

You don’t need to order huge quantities of mini blinds to get the real wholesale pricing. All you need to do is order by the box (our mini blinds are packed in either 4 or 6 per box).

How To Select the Right Size Mini Blinds  & Video: How to Measure For Size.

Inside mounted and outside mounted window blinds
Mini blinds come with brackets that can be used for either inside (recess) or outside (exact) mounting.

All mini blinds are 1/2″ narrower than their stated size. For example, a 36″x64″ mini blind measures 35-1/2″ wide. If your window opening is 36″, then you want to order a 36″ wide blind so it will fit inside the window recess (Recessed Mounted). Some windows are installed on the surface of the wall with very little or no recess at all. In this case, your installation will be outside-mounted (also called Exact Mounted).

Vinyl and Aluminum Mini Blinds come in White and Alabaster, and we also have a small selection of Black in vinyl only.

If you have any questions about measuring, installing, ordering, or choosing the blinds that are right for you, email us at or give us a call. 9am to 5pm Eastern Time 1-800-343-0780

It generally takes us a day or 2 to ship orders. We generally use UPS for orders under 250 pounds and truck delivery for orders over 250 pounds.

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