Wholesale Pricing for Tarps – Buy Now For 2023 Hurricane Season


In the wake of Hurricane Ian of 2022, on-hand inventories of tarps are low.

It’s Time to Stock Up on Tarps for the 2023 Storm Season

Every year since we have been in the Tarp Wholesale business, many, many, many roofing and tarping contractors have called needing a RUSH tarp delivery. This, as storms and hurricanes have already been tracked over the South Atlantic Ocean and are fast approaching.

June 1st officially begins the 2023 Hurricane Season

Considering contractors probably used up all (or most) of their tarps last hurricane season, we’re HOPING they get an early start placing their opening orders this year. The season is NOW…so what ARE you waiting for?

Silly Storm Forecasters!

I found these headline links when I did a Google search for 2023 Hurricane Forecast. Take a look! Kinda silly, don’t you think? Hurricanes take lives and destroy property so I’m not intending to make light of potentially life-threatening storms.2023 Hurricane predictions

However….let’s face it, there WILL be at least 12 “named” storms (or 17 or…), there are always spinning off the southern tip of Africa in  but that doesn’t mean much because many of them will peter out before they ever reach the mainland.

As for predictions of “a normal” or “near-normal” Atlantic Hurricane season, well, I chuckled at the one that says, “More Unpredictable Than Usual.” That’s an LOL if I ever saw one!

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. supplies businesses who use or sell tarps in bulk quantities. Whether you need a case, a pallet, or a truckload, we have the goods in a huge selection of tarp sizes in 5mil and 10mil thicknesses.


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