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Wholesale Supplier for Property Management and Multi-Unit Dwellings

Property management companies discover us online when they’re looking to save money by buying wholesale.

When you’re rehabbing, remodeling, or maintaining units in the properties you manage, buying in bulk saves you both time and money.

Time Is Money-So Buy Wholesale and Save on Both!

Sending crew members out to the hardware store is a costly expense. Buy wholesale. Keep inventory of your most common items. This will save man-hours, increase productivity, and stay within your budget.

Products We Supply to Property Management

As former hardware store owners, we know the market and the products you need regularly.

  • Window Blinds and shades: We have an extensive line of stock sizes (and some really crazy, hard-to-find sizes)
  • Door Locks and Hardware: Entrance Locks & Deadbolts, Interior Door Locks, Mail Slots & Peep Holes, door stops
  • Towel Bars, robe hooks, toothbursh & tumbler holders, shower rods, sink strainers and drain stoppers
  • Plumbing Supplies: Pipe fittings, toilet and faucet parts, shower curtain rods, plungers, shower heads, supply lines
  • Painting Supplies: Paint brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, paint trays, putty knives, drop cloths
  • Hand Tools: Screw drivers, pliers, tape measures, hammers
  • Fasteners: Drywall screws, hasps, hinges
  • Janitorial Supplies: Mop buckets, mops heads, mop handles, brooms, wet-floor signs, plungers
  • Shelf brackets, closet pole socket, coat & hat hooks,

Cheaper Than the Harware Store

Buying in bulk will lower your costs. Stock up on the supplies you use to maintain your properties.

As a wholesaler which formerly specialized in serving hardware stores, we understand your needs and have the products you need to keep your buildings and your units in good repair.

Supplies you can purchase at wholesale price to keep your buildings in good repair. Supplies for the property management trade as well as home remodelers, building contractors, and disaster restoration contractors.

Mazer Wholesale stands behind everything we sell, since 1986.

Who We Serve:

We serve businesses and organizations- saving them money on things they use and sell every day, including but not limited to;

Property Management and Maintenance, Disaster Restoration, Disaster Recovery, and Relief, Schools, Churches and Facilities Management, Non-Profit Organizations, Summer Camps, and Event Management

Our Product Line is Diverse. We Sell:

Window Blinds, Shades and Vinyl Flooring, Heavy Duty Trash Bags and Poly Sheeting, Tarps and Personal Protection Gear, Door Locks, Hardware, and Plumbing Items, Paint Sundries and Adhesive Tapes, Stationary and School Supplies, Janitorial Supplies and Seasonal Goods, Inflatable Beds

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