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Wholesale Window Blinds for Bulk Buyers – Multi-Unit Properties

Are you in charge of outfitting multi-unit properties with window blinds? Look no further! Our extensive selection of economical window blinds at true wholesale prices is tailored to meet the needs of property managers, real estate investors, schools, and more. Whether you’re updating existing units or furnishing new construction projects, we’ve got you covered……with quality blinds in various styles and sizes. Bulk Buying Window Blinds for Multi-Unit Properties – Why

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Trash Can Liners-wholesale

The Most Practical Trash Bags -For High-Volume Disaster Restoration and Demolition Waste

For high-volume building demolition waste, you’ll want trash bags that are strong, durable, and large enough to hold a substantial amount of debris. Here are some options that are known for their durability and practicality: Choosing Trash Bags for Your High-Volume Building and Demolition Waste Below you will find several things to consider of you are bulk buyer of Trashcan Liners, Contractor Bags, Drum Liners, and/or Poly Sheeting Nothing Less

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2" Faux Wood Blinds-wholesale

Wholesaler Of Window Blinds for Apartment Builders

To the movers & shakers in the building and renovation process please consider us when you’re preparing to make a bulk purchase of window blinds. Save Time and Money on Builder’s Quality Window Blinds There’s a lot of nonsense in the window treatments business with grand claims of wild discounts. Surely you’re  already savvy to that kind of pitch. We Are a Wholesaler, Broker, and Importer Established Since 1986. Our selection

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Buy Contractor Bags for Less

Contractor Bags Comparison

How to Save a Ton of Money On Contractor Bags   In 2022, I created a video showcasing three different types of contractor bags, each with its own unique qualities.  Each bag was filled with the same contents: 1-1/2 heavy (previously recycled)  splintered pointy wooden pallets which were broken into pieces and loaded with nails and screws. The 2 images above are showing 1-1/2 wood pallets with jagged, splintery wood

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General Hardware Items – Great Sellers

Looking to add variety to your retail store or wto ebsite? Here’s a great selection. Hardware Items That Can Be Sold In Any Store That Sells General Merchandise Do you have a retail store that sells general merchandise? Housewares, Hardware, Kitchen Goods, Tools, and/or Automotive Items can be sold in all kinds of stores. Check out this list of products you can buy wholesale and sell at a 2x or

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