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Wholesale Pricing for Tarps – Buy Now For 2023 Hurricane Season

In the wake of Hurricane Ian of 2022, on-hand inventories of tarps are low. It’s Time to Stock Up on Tarps for the 2023 Storm Season Every year since we have been in the Tarp Wholesale business, many, many, many roofing and tarping contractors have called needing a RUSH tarp delivery. This, as storms and hurricanes have already been tracked over the South Atlantic Ocean and are fast approaching. June

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LTL Freight Trucks

Freight Rates in 2023 – Trending Higher or Lower?

Since I started my wholesale company in 1986, freight rates have never been so high or more volatile than they are right now. In this article, I’m going to give you MY perspective and experience as a buyer of domestic goods, as an importer of full-container shipments, and as an LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipper of products we sell at Mazer Wholesale, Inc. First let’s get a little more specific about LTL

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Trucking Rates in 2023

Why Is Shipping So Expensive These Days?

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt for the next decade or more. Like a spring that has been stretched beyond its capacity, it will never be able to snap back to it’s original form. In THIS business owners opinion (and 37 years experience), freight rates will probably never come back to the levels prior to 2020. When and How Will Freight Rates Drop? At this point in

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cheap apt for rent signs

Plastic Signs – Wholesale Prices

Cheapest prices on plastic signs to sell in your store, to use in your place of business or property. Weather resistant, high visibility. When you need to bulk order plastic signs for your business, you need a reliable wholesale supplier that can deliver without compromising quality. Find the ones you need for your retail store or for your property at Mazer Wholesale, Inc. A Large Selection of Plastic Signs for

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Wholesaler of school and stationery supplies

Stationery Wholesaler For School & Office Supplies

Quality school and office supplies at true wholesale prices are challenging to find. Mazer Wholesale, Inc.  is a great source for those wanting to pay less on bulk purchases of school supplies! We’re known for our great prices and quick shipments. Whether you want to buy in bulk school and office supplies for your business use or to sell in your store, we’ve got everything from notebooks and binders to pens,

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