Tarp Wholesalers

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If you’re looking to save money on tarps, you want to avoid retailers and buy from a tarp wholesaler. If you are a

  • Roofing Company
  • Building Contractor
  • Tarping Service
  • Commercial Landscaper
  • Restoration Contractor
  • Municipalities (Local Governments)

you want to do your homework. You can save $100’s or even $1000’s by ordering your tarps in bulk – in advance of when you need them.

Lowest Price on High Quality Tarps

The best way to get the lowest prices on tarps is to buy them before you need them. We have the lowest wholesale prices on 5mil and 10mil tarps. Be prepared. Order tarps BEFORE you need them!

Preparation saves the day and it also saves you money. We ship tarps to our customers quickly but when a heavy storm is on the way, it is often impossible to get the tarps delivered to you.

As a tarp wholesaler, we always get a swarm of orders when the storm is about to hit. We never change the pricing during an emergency.

Blue Tarp Wholesalers

Blue tarps are our best seller. Be careful when you order tarps online. Some tarps are super thin. 3mil tarps may be okay to cover your children’s outdoor patio furniture. We don’t sell 3mil tarps.

We sell heavy duty 6mil Blue Tarps in a huge variety of sizes: from 5’x7′ to 100’x100′.

Silver-Black and Green-Black 10mil Tarps

If you’re wondering why 10mil tarps are more than 2x the price of 6mil tarps, it’s because of the reinforced stitching. 10mil tarps are 2ply so there are 2 tarps sewn together. This requires much more stitching and ultimately, much more durability.

What is Purpose of The 2-Tone Color Combination?

The silver side of the tarp, when used facing up reflects the sunlight and therefore keeps it cooler below. The black layer absorbs light.

Green tarps are generally used to blend in with the landscape. The green tarps also include a black underside which absorbs heat to keep what is underneath cooler.

Tarp Suppliers

As a high-volume tarp supplier, we’re very enthusiastic to offer Contractors real wholesale prices at far below what you can get at even the largest hardware stores or anyplace online.

Emergency Roof Tarping Services

Roof Tarping Services: You can save bundles of money when you buy tarps in bulk

Local Government Entities Buy Tarps to Give to the Homeless
Tarp used as blanket and shelter
Image courtesy of pixabay

Tarps are often ordered in bulk by local government entities who need to provide shelter and comfort for their homeless.

Wholesale Aluminum Window Blinds

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1" aluminum cordless mini blinds

When you’re buying blinds for furnishing apartments, or office spaces, and if you want the best prices, you want to buy wholesale.

Aluminum mini blinds are a popular choice for commercial buildings, offices, and multi-unit housing managers. Aluminum is a classier and affordable upgrade from cheaper vinyl blinds.

Aluminum slat technology was first developed back in 1946 with Venetian Blinds but it wasn’t until 1982 when mini-blind made their debut.

Read more about the history of Venetian blinds.

Aluminum Blinds For Multi-Unit Dwellings and Commercial Use

Aluminum window blinds have been used in apartment buildings and in commercial spaces since early in the 20th Century.

The Benefits of Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum mini blinds are durable. They are 6 gauge, heavy duty and resistant to moisture. The durability of aluminum mini blinds adds to the value of an already economical choice.


Aluminum window blinds are lightweight, making them perfect for large windows and doors. Their aluminum construction makes these mini blinds easy to open and close, and they have minimal stacking when pulled up.

Blinds made from aluminum are energy-efficient. They block the sun’s rays, keeping your rooms cooler in hot weather. They also provide good light control and a stylish appearance for sunny rooms.

Care and Cleaning Aluminum Blinds

As with any window blinds, you should regularly clean your aluminum blinds to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt on the slats and inside the moving parts of the headrail.

If your blinds have a light accumulation of dirt and dust, you may be able to simply spot-clean them, while blinds with heavy mold and mildew accumulation may require more thorough cleaning.

In the case of more extensive cleaning, a sponge dipped in warm water mixed with a mild soap or detergent can help lift caked-on debris. When you clean, be careful not to put too much pressure on your blinds, as this can cause them to bend or even break. Always wipe blinds dry. Install, then pull the blind fully down and open the slats for additional air drying.

A once-weekly feather dusting is wise to keep your blinds looking good and operating smoothly for years, or even decades.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has the largest selection of stock window blinds in the USA. Window blinds IN-STOCK means you don’t have to wait or pay big prices for custom-made blinds.

Wholesale Supplier for Property Management and Multi-Unit Dwellings

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Property management companies discover us online when they’re looking to save money by buying wholesale.

When you’re rehabbing, remodeling, or maintaining units in the properties you manage, buying in bulk saves you both time and money.

Time Is Money-So Buy Wholesale and Save on Both!

Sending crew members out to the hardware store is a costly expense. Buy wholesale. Keep inventory of your most common items. This will save man-hours, increase productivity, and stay within your budget.

Products We Supply to Property Management

As former hardware store owners, we know the market and the products you need regularly.

  • Window Blinds and shades: We have an extensive line of stock sizes (and some really crazy, hard-to-find sizes)
  • Door Locks and Hardware: Entrance Locks & Deadbolts, Interior Door Locks, Mail Slots & Peep Holes, door stops
  • Towel Bars, robe hooks, toothbursh & tumbler holders, shower rods, sink strainers and drain stoppers
  • Plumbing Supplies: Pipe fittings, toilet and faucet parts, shower curtain rods, plungers, shower heads, supply lines
  • Painting Supplies: Paint brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, paint trays, putty knives, drop cloths
  • Hand Tools: Screw drivers, pliers, tape measures, hammers
  • Fasteners: Drywall screws, hasps, hinges
  • Janitorial Supplies: Mop buckets, mops heads, mop handles, brooms, wet-floor signs, plungers
  • Shelf brackets, closet pole socket, coat & hat hooks,

Cheaper Than the Harware Store

Buying in bulk will lower your costs. Stock up on the supplies you use to maintain your properties.

As a wholesaler which formerly specialized in serving hardware stores, we understand your needs and have the products you need to keep your buildings and your units in good repair.

Supplies you can purchase at wholesale price to keep your buildings in good repair. Supplies for the property management trade as well as home remodelers, building contractors, and disaster restoration contractors.

Mazer Wholesale stands behind everything we sell, since 1986.

Wholesale Supplier To Housing Authorities

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We supply housing authorities with wholesale prices on products you use for maintenance, repair, and remodel.

For decades, we specialized in serving hardware stores, so if you’re looking to purchase items you would normally purchase at a local hardware store or even at Home Depot or Lowe’s, we can probably save you money,

Supplies Needed to Maintain Low-Income Housing Units

When you need to purchase in bulk, and when you need to keep your costs within a budget, you want to buy wholesale. That’s why managers buy from us.

We supply the stuff you need to keep your buildings and units maintained.

  • Window Blinds and Shades
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Door Locks and Door Hardware
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Painting Supplies

Wholesale supplies for housing authorities and proprty management to use for maintenance, repair, and remodeling your buildings, houses, and apartments

Mazer Wholesale supplies the maintenance and repair needs of building and property management. Family-owned and established since 1986.

Supplier to Schools, Churches, and Camps

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Kids playing with crafts

We are a wholesaler of General Merchanside.  Buyers for school supplies, arts & crafts supplies, and things churches use and donate to their communities turn to us for products they use frequently. 

We are 3rd generation hardware retailers (maybe 4th!). Back then, a hardware store was synonymous with a GENERAL STORE. As you can imagine a General Store can sell…generally…anything! Therefore, we have always had a proclivity to sell anything that would be in demand to a homeowner, to a builder, to a child who needs a birthday present.

Wholesale Supplies For Schools, Churches, and Camps Can Buy Wholesale

Schools, churches, and camps have many of the same needs.

  • They have children which means they need educational games and activities, craft supplies, and kids’ stationery.
  • They have buildings which need basic maintenance supplies, hardware, and janitorial products, from floor to ceiling, and wall-to-wall.
  • They have windows which need to be covered with appropriate blinds and shades.
  • They have dormitories, bunks, & cabins for their living quarters.
  • They make trash which creates the need for trashcan liners.

A Place to Order Activities and Crafts for Kids

Dozens of Arts & Crafts Supplies for Kids. BUY WHOLESALE!

Stationery, Markers, & Crayons. BUY WHOLESALE!

A Place to Order All Kinds of Tools, Fasteners, and Hardware

  • Basic Hand Tools: Pliers-Hammers-Tape Measures
  • Fasteners: Hooks-Brackets-Drywall Screws-Picture Hangers
  • Door Hardware: Hasps-Door Bolts-Door Chains-Door & Gate Springs (much more)
  • Locks: Door Locks & Padlocks (and Keyed Alike Locks)
  • Tape: Masking Tape-Blue Painter’s Tape-Duct Tape

A Place to Order Window Furnishings

College Dormitory
Window blinds needed for College Dormitory-Campus housing

Your facilities have windows and windows need to be dressed within blinds or shades. Save money…BUY WHOLESALE.

Sure, if you only need to replace a couple of blinds, you can usually get them at a local store, a Walmart, or even online. But if you want to get a lower price, buying window blinds in bulk from a wholesaler is the way to go.

If you ever need some help finding a good deal on products you need to buy in bulk and you want to find the best price, check us at at www.mazerwholesale.com. You’re also welcome to give us a call! We’d love to help you find the things you need, even if we don’t have them.

Tarps for Tornado Relief

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Wholesale tarps for disaster relief. We have a temporary coupon code for 20% off our regular low wholesale price.

Deadly tornadoes ripped through properties, businesses, people, and families’ lives apart this past weekend (December 10 & 11, 2021) have created a need for relief supplies.

Tarp Wholesaler Reduces Prices 20% for Tornado Relief Effort

Mazer Wholesale often supplies tarps to aid in disaster relief efforts. We are called on because of our super-low wholesale pricing. Now we are adding an extra discount of 20% on sales made to customers in affected areas:

As an effort to lend a helping hand in this effort, we are discounting our TARPS BY 20% WITH THIS COUPON: TARPS-20



It’s very common for us to get requests to ship tarps. Quick delivery for humanitarian relief is essential. We supply

tarps at wholesale prices for emergencies due to hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Huge Inventory of Tarps is Available for Immediate Shipment

Order Tarps Now For Quick Delivery!

Shipping product out is not difficult during a disaster. The bigger problems arise in the delivery because of downed buildings, road blocks, floods, and continuing rough weather. Disasters affect the smooth transport of product. Tarps are among the top items needed in emergency situations.

The TARPS-20 COUPON CODE expires on December 24, 2021.

Supplies for Helping the Homeless-Wholesale

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Tarp used as blanket and shelter

Tens of thousands (maybe more) of Homeless Americans live outdoors. They battle the elements every day and every night.

Local governments around the nation have sprung to action to keep our citizens, including the homeless, safer and more comfortable by providing fundamental supplies.

Cities have set up free-meal sites and meal distribution which provides for basic nourishment. Free clinics provide for medical and dental needs.

Shelter for those living outdoors is an ongoing problem. We who live in or near urban areas see homeless people living outdoors, sometimes under the cover of a highway overpass, sometimes in wooded areas near the roadside, and sometimes in plain sight on city sidewalks.

Order Supplies for the Homeless in Bulk for Distribution

wool blankets-wholesale price
Wool blankets are both warm and lightweight. They don’t absorb water either.

Tarps for shelter and to keep their belongings hidden and dry. Blankets are needed for obvious reasons. rope or twine comes in handy to tie down tarps and to tie bundle those bundles of belongings when necessary.

The population of homeless is growing and supplies are required in bulk, wholesale quantities. Cities, counties, churches, non-profit organizations, and benevolent groups are stepping up to help.

Homeless people need the following items:

  • Tarps– Tarps provide shelter and a way to help keep their belonings safe and dry.
  • Twine– A 150′ ball of twine is handy to tie the tarp down in a way to make a shelter and to bundle belongs when they’re not in use. Bundling is also necessary when there comes a need for the person to relocate.
  • Blankets– We recently received an order from a county on Oregon for several thousand blankets to provide to the homeless there. Surely the need for blankets is everywhere in the country, even in the southern states.
  • Hygiene items such as soap, toothbrushes, hair brushes, and combs.
  • Clothing and coats. The homeless aren’t too picky, but it’s encouraged to donate clothing in decent condition.

This list is just a handful of basic needs. The homeless need much, much more.

Survival Outdoors for Homless People

It’s a great feeling to help people in need, even if it’s with the bare minimum for survival. It’s easy to take the challenges of cold, wet winters and blistering hot summers for granted when you have a comfortable home and bed.

We are fortunate to be called upon to provide several of the items on this list. We find business owners find great, rewards in helping those in need with donations of all kinds- from money to toothpaste, from reading glasses to shoes, from socks to warn winter hats, and more.

Equally important is to get the children involved. The act of giving one’s time, attention, and belongings to others is a great lesson for youngsters.

We urge you to get involved and pass it along…and bring the kids!

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. sells supplies to organizations in bulk and at wholesale prices to organizations involved in benevolent acts of kindness. Of course, we also make our own contributions as well.

Contractor Bag Comparison Video

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This video compares three different brands of Contractor Bags: ‘Husky’, ‘Contractor’s Choice’ (Sold in Home Depot and Lowes), and the third bag is the one WE at Mazer Wholesale, Inc. have been selling for 20 years at a much lower price.

In this demonstration, we put the three different bags to the ultimate test. In our business, we supply Disaster Restoration Contractors (like SERVPRO, ServiceMaster Restore, Puroclean, and others) as well as Commercial Roofers and Building Contractors. These customers buy bags by the pallet, saving them a lot of money. A pallet contains 3200 3mil, 42-gallon Contractor Bags. At an average savings of 15¢ per bag, our customers save over $400 across the purchase of a pallet of bags.

Equally important to consider is the value of having the pallet of bags delivered to your door. (VIA FREE DELIVERY!) The time and man hours saved by not needing to send a crew member to the store for bags is significant. You KNOW that’s expensive. See how our bag stands up to a 67lb load with screws, nails and jagged-splintered edges just as well as either of the other popular brands.

Buy Now: Contractor Bags

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