Easy and Cheap Flooring You Can Do Yourself

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cheap Peel & stick tileDoes your home need a little bit of remodeling or sprucing up? Are you looking to save some money with an easy do-it-yourself solution?

Cheap Peel & Stick Tile is Your Answer for a Fast-Easy & Affordable Flooring Solution

Transform your home in hours!  You can have your house or apartment looking completely different and more beautiful just by changing the floor and it doesn’t get any easier.

Low-priced self adhesive vinyl flooring required no special tools or skills.  If you can use a tape measure and a good pair of scissors or utility knife,  you can transform your entire living room, bathroom, hallway or kitchen, in a matter of hours.  Create a totally different room!

 Installation is Easy so You Save Even More Money

Vinyl flooring is the best way to get the most for your money.  Not only is it cheap, but you don’t have to pay for installation.  Labor is often the most expensive part of the flooring process but with peel & stick tile, you can do it yourself. The directions are very simple to peel and stick it, and you can be done in a matter of hours.

 Self-Adhesive Squares or Planks

Traditionally, self-adhesive tile has always come in 12″ x 12″ squares.  Now, there’s simulated wood planks and they’re really beautiful. You can shop from home and get some really terrific low prices online and get your flooring delivered to your door.

When your order arrives, you will be able to lay down the floor and be able to use your room again the same day..  Your new floor will look just like real tile or real wood, but for a fraction of the cost and the ease of installation.  There is no drying, special tools needed, or complicated issues you will run into; simply peel the paper covering the adhesive off, position it, and stick it on.  Get a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction when you install your own peel & stick vinyl flooring.

Black and White Checkerboard Pattern Tile for Garage Floor

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black and white checkerboard tile
This image was shared by a satisfied customer. Our tile can even make a shabby old car like this look good!

When people began to discover our low-priced solid black and solid white floor tile on our website about 5 years ago, we started getting calls from all over the country from consumers.

One of the most frequently asked questions was, “I want to put make a black and white checkerboard pattern with your floor tile.  Can it be used on a cement floor in my garage?”

One of my employees had previously installed the tile in an area of our warehouse on bare cement floor.  The floor there was about 100 years old.  It was smooth but the dirt was ground in deep.  My employee scrubbed the floor with a brush then mopped it which took off the surface dirt.  The tile installed in a couple hours and the job has lasted for years.  No problems whatsoever.

My Philadelphia warehouse is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, so I knew it would closely simulate any typical garage climate.  It was a good example I could speak of from experience, but it wasn’t a garage.

I decided to install the tile myself in my own garage just to make sure and I made a video of it.(see below)  I did this for 3 reasons.

  1. I wanted to show that I would use the tile in my own garage.
  2. I wanted to show how it looks in a garage (it looks great).
  3. I am not a handy person.  I sell the stuff but I’m not the kind of guy who gets into home projects and I wanted to demonstrate just how easy it is to install this peel & stick floor tile.

The installation was easy.  It looks great and as of this post, the tile is firmly in place for over 3 years.

Full disclosure: I do not park my car in my garage.  I do believe that the tile is so firmly in place, it would hold up to a parked car.  I also can tell you that we have sold our tile to dozens of customers over the years who have used the tile for this purpose and we have never had any complaints come back about the tile failing.

Although this tile is not rated nor is warranted for such use, I stand firm that this product consistently outperforms expectations and I sell it with confidence.