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Where To Buy Very Narrow Window Blinds Cheap!

narrow window blinds

Window treatments for people who need to cover very narrow windows. Window Blinds to Fit Narrow Windows Very narrow windows are often built next to the front door of a home. They’re commonly known as “sidelights.” Some homes use frosted glass, some use curtains, and some use blinds. Most homeowners or renters typically need only […]

Why Are Smaller Mini Blinds More Expensive Than Larger Ones?

Vinyl Mini Blinds-Cordless

As a wholesale company, we buy and sell products we acquire from manufactuters and importers from the USA and around the world. One of the major categories we sell is Window Furnishings (often referred to as Window Treatments). More specifically, our focus is specifically on economical window shades and window blinds. Why Are Some of […]

Wholesale Aluminum Window Blinds

1" aluminum cordless mini blinds

When you’re buying blinds for furnishing apartments, or office spaces, and if you want the best prices, you want to buy wholesale. Aluminum mini blinds are a popular choice for commercial buildings, offices, and multi-unit housing managers. Aluminum is a classier and affordable upgrade from cheaper vinyl blinds. Aluminum slat technology was first developed back […]

Where to Buy Faux Wood Blinds Wholesale

Faux wood blinds-white

There’s no reason to pay more for custom made faux wood blinds because you have found the source with the lowest wholesale prices on the largest variety of sizes in the USA. Mazer Wholesale sells high quality Window Blinds at Wholesale Prices. Here we are featuring our selection of White Faux Wood Blinds. Our selection […]