Where To Buy Very Narrow Window Blinds Cheap!

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narrow window blinds

Window treatments for people who need to cover very narrow windows.

Window Blinds to Fit Narrow Windows

Very narrow windows are often built next to the front door of a home. They’re commonly known as “sidelights.” Some homes use frosted glass, some use curtains, and some use blinds.

doors with sidelights
The image on the left shows a door with 2 narrow sidelights that have narrow Faux Wood blinds. The image on the right show double-door with windows. Don’t you think this door would look better with a couple of Faux Wood or mini blinds instead of the shabby, old-looking curtains?

Most homeowners or renters typically need only one blind to cover their sidelight, but some doors are made with 2 sidelights. There are also doors – and double doors with glass lights which often need to be covered for privacy.

  1. Why are the narrow blinds so expensive compared to some of the wider blinds with the same material?
  2. Why is it so hard to find narrow window blinds?

Why Are Smaller (or Narrower) Blinds More Expensive Than Some Larger Sizes?

There are a few reasons why smaller (narrower and/or shorter) blinds are more expensive than some of their larger counterparts.

  1. Narrow window blinds are a specialty item. It’s much more common for people to order custom blinds for their very narrow windows. Custome-made blinds are drastically more expensive.
  2. They are a low-volume seller. A typical home has at least a dozen (and often) several dozen windows. But a home that needs a blind that’s less than 20″ wide is very rare. We need to order a large quantity of each size and color blind when we make an order with the factory. This means we have to sit on the inventory for a long time. Inventory sitting on a shelf is costly. Keeping a broad range of sizes means we have larger warehouse space and more “money” sitting on shelves.
  3. They cost less in terms of material, but the assembly takes the same amount of time in production. The labor required to make smaller blinds is just as much as it is to make larger blinds.

The Narrowest Stock Window Blinds Available

The narrowest stock size window blinds we have are 10″ wide and 72″ long. These are in our Faux Wood line.

The narrowest stock size vinyl mini blind we have is 11″ wide and 72″ long. These are available in Light-Filtering and Room Darkening.

We have 11″ wide Aluminum mini blinds too. And I’ll add that we also have Aluminum blinds 107″ wide! A massive selection of sizes!

All of our window blinds come in White and most come in Alabaster (off-white).

Visit our site to see the fill gamut of wholesale window blinds and shades.

Solving Common Window Shade Problems

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Home, condo or office, roller-style window shades from Mazer Wholesale offer a lot of benefits. Taking proper care of them will make sure you get years of good service from your investment. Yet sometimes a small problem will arise in having the window shade operating properly. This post is all about solving common window shade problems… complete with videos!

Window shades give you privacy and more… like the ability to control indoor lighting, especially for rooms that face direct sunshine at certain times of day. The good news is that you can usually install them yourself, with only a few basic tools. Read on to learn about taking care of your shades.

First, in case you haven’t seen it yet, we recently did a full blog post on best practises for installing roller window shades. If you need to see that again (or for the first time as you start an installation project), click here. That post contains specific information on measuring your windows for the proper type of installation and a lot more. 

Window Shade Basics – Hardware Mounting Brackets

Pretty much everyone knows how roll-up windows shades work, after they’ve been installed. Pull down on the shade and hold it while it moves to roll back up, and then the shade uses an internal mechanism to stay in place at the level you’ve pulled it down to. As you pull the shade down into place, there’s a coiled spring inside the shade that creates a reverse-action tension… the shade “wants” to spin back, and return itself to a fully wound-up position. 

There’s a locking mechanism inside that prevents that from happening, until you pull on it again. Just a slight tug on the bottom of a shade that’s already been pulled down and the mechanism releases the shade. That allows the coiled-up spring inside to do its thing, and the shade re-winds itself back up and out of your way, until the next time you need it. 

Of course all this only works if there’s something holding the shade in place and not allowing it to freely spin on the mounting brackets. If that happened, the whole shade would spin, and there’s be no spring tension to wind the shade up to the top again, when you want to let in maximum light. 

All this may sound complicated, but it’s not. As long as the spring has something to firmly hold it in place, everything works as planned. And that’s where the mounting brackets come into place, along with the basic design of the shade itself. 

One end of the shade has a simple pin sticking out straight from the end of the rolled-up shade. It simply allows the shade to roll and spin freely. The other side however has quite a different looking pin. It looks like someone took a larger rounded pin and flattened it with a hammer. This design is important, because it holds the internal spring (inside the round body of the shade) in place, allowing it to coil and create that “spring back” energy when you tug on the bottom of the shade to let it roll back up and open. 

Here’s a great video from Andrew Mazer of Mazer Wholesale that shows larger-than-life images of the two different brackets used to hold window shades in place. The video also shows how the brackets can be installed into window frames or on the wall to give flexible options on different ways to hang and install the shades.

Window Shade Troubleshooting #1 – Incomplete Roll Up 

Installing window shades from Mazer Wholesale is usually a simple, D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) job. Yet after a successful installation job, you may find that the shade does not work exactly “as advertised.” Once scenario is this: While the shade pulls all the way down and stays in place properly, when you want to roll it back up (and let more light into the room), the shade may not completely wind back up, leaving a few inches (or more) of the shade unrolled and blocking your view. 

That’s usually caused by the shade’s inner spring not coiling enough to give the shade the needed tension to “rewind” all the way back up. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this. Check out this how-to video from Mazer Wholesale’s Andrew Mazer: 

Window Shade Troubleshooting #2 – Over-Tight Spring

Now on the other hand, it’s also possible that the spring in the window shade may be wound too tightly. This can make it difficult to pull the shade all the way down. It may even completely refuse to extend all the way to the bottom of the window when you pull on it. This is the exact opposite of the problem addressed in the previous video. The good news is that once again, it’s a relatively simple fix. And once again, here’s Andrew Mazer to show you how to solve this particular window shade “challenge.” 

Roll-up window shades are an economical, easy-to-install way to better control light in a room. Mazer Wholesale offers a huge selection of different sizes and styles… way more than any local hardware store or big-box home improvement warehouse. We ship directly to you – no driving to the store, no hassling with out-of-stock sizes and special orders. Call Mazer Wholesale first and get the job done right.  

Installing Window Shades From Mazer Wholesale – An Easy Do-It-Yourself Project

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When it comes to a Do-It-Yourself project that just about anyone can do in just about any home (or office, or home-office, for that matter), hanging interior window shades is very popular. Keep reading for easy, DIY pro tips and help for making window shade installation a breeze.

Tools Needed For Window Shade Installation

One of the reasons installing your own window shades is an easy project is that it takes very few tools, and not a lot of technical skills. Generally speaking, you’re going to need the following for your installation work: 

  1. Screwdriver (flat-headed or Phillips, depending on the installation screws that come with your shades).
  2. Measuring tape. Pro tip: It’s best to use a metal tape, especially if you’re doing the job yourself. That way, you won’t need an extra pair of hands to hold up a not-so-stiff cloth tape for long-reach measurements. 
  3. Power drill. For pre-drilling holes for mounting screws and brackets. You’ll also need the proper-sized drill bits to create those holes. Usually, that means a 3/32” bit for pre-drilling screw holes, and a ¼” bit for the wall anchors.
  4. Pencil. For measuring and marking as needed.
  5. Optional (but probably needed): Set stool or ladder to reach higher window-tops. Using proper caution, of course!

First Things First – Placement and Measuring

Window shades can be installed either inside the window frame, or outside. The good news is that the same brackets can be used, no matter where you want the shades to go in your windows. 

Keep in mind, the size of the window shade you order for your project will depend on that inside / outside decision. If you’re still shopping for size and color options, check out Mazer Wholesale’s huge selection at our online catalog. Click here to start your shopping journey. 

Of course you have many, many choices when it comes to where you buy the window shades for your next project. Many of the big-box department stores, and of course the giant-sized home improvement stores carry window shades. Yet it’s been our experience that most brick-and-mortar stores usually only carry the most popular sizes and styles. That can be a problem when you’re trying to find shades for an older home with non-standard-sized windows (too long, extra-wide, etc.). And it’s not just older homes that may have size “issues.” Many new homes have custom-sized windows that may also need a specially-sized window treatment. 

Here’s another important factor to consider: Will the shades by hanging inside the frame of the window, or outside? That’s important, since it will determine the sizing of the shades you buy. For inside shades, you’ll use that steel tape measure to check the dimensions inside the frame of the window, and leave a little extra room for proper fit, too. 

Here’s where to measure for inside-the-frame shades: 

On the other hand, outside measurements are taken here:

No matter if the shades are going to be installed “inside” or “outside,” it’s going to be very important to have enough extra room between the sides or top of the window and the shade. Fortunately, the brackets that come with most shades are shaped so that you’ll have enough room to fit a fully rolled-up shade at the top of the window. However, you will need to be sure to space the brackets out – width-wise – to have a not-too-tight, not-too-loose, just-right fit. This will leave enough “wiggle room” for the shade to slide easily into place when installing… and if you ever take it out to replace or clean it. 

Best Practices for Installation

Inside Mounting: Allow 1/4″ clearance between top of frame and fully rolled-up shade. This will provide enough clearance to lift the shade into the slotted bracket. Most shades have a spring-loaded tip that can provide up to 3/8″ extra width if needed. That means it can be “squeezed” into place, if things are tight. 

Always insert the pin end into the right side bracket first. As you’ll see with the hardware brackets, they can be flipped around to face in or out… to either allow for a little more or a little less room for the shade. If the brackets are installed facing out, place the pin into the inner hole of the right bracket. If the brackets are installed facing down (as you might do for mounting on the ceiling), place the pin into the outer hole of the right bracket. Push the bracket in to compress the spring, then place the metal tab on the left side of the shade into the slot of the left bracket.

For Outside Mounting / Ceiling Mount: Hold shade to desired position,making sure it is level, and place pencil marks at each end of the roller. Secure brackets. Insert the round pin end into the inner hole of the right bracket. For ceiling mount, insert the pin into the outer hole. Then insert the other end of the shade into the slot of the left bracket.

Keep in mind that no matter if you’re going to be installing the shades on the inside of the window frame or on the outside, the same brackets will do the job of holding them in place. Andrew Mazer of Mazer Wholesale talks about installation options and brackets in this video:

How to Install Inside Mount Shades

The installation process for inside mount blinds may vary slightly depending on your particular shade. These general steps provide an overview for installing inside mount blinds, but always refer to the manufacturer instructions for details specific to your product.

  1. Position the first bracket in the upper corner of the window frame so that it’s level with the wall’s surface. Always check your specific product instructions for the exact placement of the brackets. If your blinds came with a decorative valance, you will need to set the brackets further back into the window opening to allow room for the valance.
  2. Mark the screw locations with a pencil.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the second bracket in the opposite corner of the window frame. If you’re mounting into drywall with no studs behind, you will need to use drywall anchors.
  4. Use a steel tape measure or a level tool to ensure the two bracket locations are even.
  5. Use a drill bit – smaller than your screws – to drill pilot holes through your bracket marks.
  6. Screw the brackets in place.
  7. Insert the pin end of the shade into it’s matching bracket, and then the flat-sided end into the open-ended bracket on the other side. You may need to twist / rotate the shade to get the flat “pin” into place. 
  8. Be sure to test that it works properly! 

How to Install Outside Mount Shades

Outside mount window treatments are mounted on the window molding, wall, or ceiling above your window. Outside mount blinds or shades can make your windows appear wider and longer while also providing better light control and privacy options. You might also have to mount using the “outside” method if your windows are not “deep” enough in the frame to allow inside mounts. 

Most of the same instructions from “inside mount” shades (above) apply here, with some special notes on measuring, sizing and spacing: 

  1. Measure above the window first to make sure you have at least 2″ of flat space on the molding or wall.
  2. Next, measure the width you want covered. You should aim for at least 1.5″ of overlap on each side of the window for blinds and shades. The extra width provides more privacy and light blockage. 
  3. Determine the location of the headrail – or top – of the window treatment. This could be installed on the window molding or wall. Mark this spot with a pencil.
  4. Measure the height of each window from the mark you just made to where you want the bottom of your window treatment to rest. Consider if you want your window treatment to extend to the sill or lower. If you have a protruding window sill, it is recommended that it be your bottom placement.
  5. Be aware of obstructions such as doorknobs or molding. If you have obstructions, spacer blocks or extension brackets are available to help your blind or shade extend far enough to avoid protrusions.

Installing window shades on your own may – at first – seem like a big job. And where there are some skills involved, most of the work is in the setup – making sure you’ve measured everything accurately, and purchased properly-sized window shades. There are lots of great resources online (including the Mazer Wholesale YouTube channel) that offer instructions and guidance on how to do the job right. 

Don’t forget that Mazer Wholesale offers great prices on a huge selection of window shades. If you have a special size or other challenge, please feel free to get in touch. We love helping people get the job done right! 

Can I Reuse My Old Mini Blind Brackets?

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Mini Blind Brackets corded and cordless

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about our mini blinds is: “Can we reuse our old mini blind brackets?”

Reusing your old mini blind brackets is a real time saver. All those pesky little screws take up a lot of time unscrewing, then screwing them back in. Plus, you always drop at least a couple while you’re holding the bracket in place, putting the screw into the hole and getting your screwdriver into the screw head.

Replacing Corded Mini Blinds with New Cordless Mini Blinds

As of December, 2018, corded window blinds have been banned from being made or imported into the United States. They have been replaced by new, cordless blinds.

A spring and friction mechanism inside the head rail allows the blinds raised and lowered by pushing up, or pulling down on the bottom rail of the blind.

The head rail, it needed do be enlarged and reshaped to accommodate the new hardware which allows the blinds to function without cords.

The Good News About Cordless Blinds

The good news about the new cordless blinds is that the new brackets are smaller less bulky. They allow for the blinds to be easily mounted from inside the window box, from the top of the window box, the ceiling, or from the outside of the window box (outside mount).

We Sell Mini Blinds Wholesale!

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been supplying retailers and property management since 1986. We have a massive selection of sizes and always at great, low wholesale prices. Click here to see our selection and place an order.

We carry vinyl mini blinds, aluminum mini blinds, room darkening mini blinds, 2″ vinyl blinds, and 2″ Faux Wood blinds. In addition to blinds, we also carry spring roller shades. These are making a big comeback lately.

Where to Buy Extra Long Window Blinds

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You’re looking for blinds to cover long windows and you can’t find any stores or suppliers.

Extra long blinds are hard to find.

Retailers and wholesalers who carry mini blinds carry a limited amount of sizes. It’s expensive and difficult to stock all sizes and types of blinds.
Mazer Wholesale is the exception.

The Biggest Selection of Extra Long Window Blinds

We have one of the largest selection of blinds you can find.
Our blinds start with lengths as short as 36” and progress as follows:

  • 36” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 36″ length, Click Here.

  • 42” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 42″ length, Click Here.

  • 48” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 48″ length, Click Here.

  • 54″ Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 54″ length, Click Here.

  • 60” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 60″ length, Click Here.

  • 64” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 64″ length, Click Here.

  • 68” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 68″ length, Click Here.

  • 72” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 72″ length, Click Here.

  • 78” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 78″ length, Click Here.

  • 84” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 84″ length, Click Here.

  • 96” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of vinyl mini blinds in 96″ length, Click Here.

  • 108” Long Window Blinds (….WOW!)

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 108″ length, Click Here.

  • 96” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 96″ length, Click Here.

  • 84” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 84″ length, Click Here.

  • 72” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 72″ length, Click Here.

  • 68” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 68″ length, Click Here.

  • 64” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 64″ length, Click Here.

  • 60” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 60″ length, Click Here.

  • 54” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 54″ length, Click Here.

  • 48” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 48″ length, Click Here.

  • 42” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 42″ length, Click Here.

  • 36” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Aluminum mini blinds in 36″ length, Click Here.

  • 96” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 96″ length, Click Here.

  • 84” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 84″ length, Click Here.

  • 72” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 72″ length, Click Here.

  • 68” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 68″ length, Click Here.

  • 64” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 64″ length, Click Here.

  • 60” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 60″ length, Click Here.

  • 54” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 54″ length, Click Here.

  • 48” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 48″ length, Click Here.

  • 42” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 42″ length, Click Here.

  • 36” Long Window Blinds

See our selection of Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds in 36″ length, Click Here.

  • 2″ Vinyl Room Darkening Blinds

See our selection of 2″ Vinyl Room Darkening Mini Blinds, Click Here.

  • Adjustable Window Shades

See our selection of Adjustable Window Shades, Click Here.

  • Faux Wood 2″ Venetian Blinds

See our selection of Faux Wood 2″ Venetian Blinds, Click Here.

  • Luna 2″ Vinyl Cordless Window Blinds

See our selection of Luna 2″ Vinyl Cordless Window Blinds, Click Here.

The most common length of window blinds you will find at Walmart, Home Depot, or other major retailers are 64” and 72”.

Architects draw specifications for windows in buildings. The plans look spectacular on paper. But when it comes time to find the window furnishings, things get complicated.

No Need For Custom Blinds When You Can Buy Stock Blinds Cheaper.

The availability of extra long window blinds saves you money. No need to buy custom window blinds. Buy stock blinds at a fraction of the price, and usually, much quicker delivery.

Mazer Wholesale spans 4 decades in the sale and distribution of window blinds. We are your source and your partner in saving money covering your windows.

Visit our website to discover a wide variety of blinds and home improvement products. Save money. Save time. Buy wholesale.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. Established since 1986

Cheap Window Treatments That Are Beautiful and Safe

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Mazer Wholesale is on the leading edge of the mandatory transition from traditional window blinds to cordless. As always, lowest pricing for the best quality product in its class drives our philosophy as a supplier to the property management and retail trades.

Keeping Kids Safe –
New Window Treatments Law

Cordless window treatments at cheap prices

As of December 18, 2018, all stock* window coverings sold or manufactured in the United States or Canada are required by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards to be either cordless, have shortened cords, or cords that are inaccessible to children. The goal of the new regulation is to protect children from accidental strangulation.

People who are elderly, smaller in stature, and the disabled will still be able to buy the traditional types of corded window coverings, but these will also have some restrictions to protect small children. For example, the new standards limit cords to 40 percent of the height of the blind and ask manufacturers to have the default blind mechanism be a tilt wand as opposed to a cord. There also will be a pictorial to show consumers that blind cords can accidentally cause the strangulation of small children.

Mazer Wholesale has been supplying window blinds, traditional roller shades, vinyl flooring, and hardware to retailers, property investors, and property management companies spanning 4 decades. We provide quality products at low prices.

Window Blinds

In terms of window blinds, we carry a room-darkening mini-blind made from heavyweight, one inch PVC slats that resists chipping, denting, peeling, and fading and comes in a variety of window sizes. The room-darkening blind has overlapping slats for a tighter light closure. Installation is easy and can be inside or outside.

We also carry a vinyl window blind with ¼ inch oval slats that is easy to clean and install. It can be installed inside or outside.

Window Shades

If you are interested in shades, we carry honeycomb pattern, pleated cellular shades that help to offer insulation and light-filtering. These shades resist sagging and fading. We also carry a room darkening, peel and stick, pleated vinyl shade that is easy to clean and has a durable PVC bottom rail.

We also sell a white 30-inch roll-up shade and translucent window shades in a variety of colors. These are highly economical window treatments.

Vinyl Flooring

Our vinyl flooring offerings include 1.2 mm thick self-adhesive vinyl flooring that carries a 5-year guarantee. These tiles come in a variety of attractive colors and styles to fit any decor, such as wood and marble styles as well as simple black and white offerings.

We also have commercial-grade, easy maintenance, no wax, vinyl wood-look plank flooring that has a 10-year warranty. These tiles are self-adhesive and are 2 mm thick. Each box covers 15 square feet. Shipping is FREE!


Our hardware items include a wide variety of tools, janitorial supplies, locks, smoke detectors, safety goggles, gloves, curtain rods, winter seasonal items, trash bags, plastic sheeting and drop cloths, and filter masks.

Why Mazer Wholesale?

Mazer Wholesale has a 40-year history and a deep commitment to supplying the property management and retail industries with best quality in class products at low wholesale prices.  Let MAZER WHOLESALE be your supplier for all of your general merchandise needs!


*“Stock” means window coverings that are not custom made.

How to Tighten a Window Shade Spring

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I’ve been seeing lots of terrible reviews about traditional window shades (particularly on Amazon). The main complaint is the spring which controls how the shade is set into the desired position-then raising and lowering it as needed. However, the problem is not the spring but rather the fact that the user doesn’t know how to adjust the spring.

How to Install a Window Shade for Proper Operation

The shade is not the problem. The spring is not the problem. The spring must be adjusted with the necessary tension in order to work properly. Watch this video to learn:

How to add tension to your window shade spring.


Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been selling window shades and blinds for 30 years at wholesale prices. Here is a direct link to our window shade category https://mazerwholesale.com/product-category/window-treatments/cheap-window-shades/

Here is a link to our entire window treatments category https://mazerwholesale.com/product-category/window-treatments/

Window Shades for Classroom Doors

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wholesale window shades-cheap shades

Window Shades for Classroom Doors

New protocols in schools of all kinds are now requiring (or will soon be) a shade to cover the window in classroom doors.

School Shootings Stimulate the Necessity to Cover Door Windows in Active Shooting Situations

School shooting tragedies have necessitated the need for new safety and security measures to be taken in schools. Added to Fire Drills, now schools are having Active-Shooter Drills necessitated by the increasing incidence of shootings and threats.

As a precaution, window treatments are being added to the window built into or on the side of classroom doors. These window treatments are to be drawn and doors locked in the case of a drill or active threat so that shooters can’t see any visible targets.

Mazer Wholesale is able to provide large quantities of window shades or blinds due to our typical large on-hand inventory quantities and low wholesale pricing.

Vinyl Window Shades

See our selection of economical window shades, click here.

Window shades come in various sizes, weights, and colors. Standard widths at 37-1/4″, 46-1/4″, 55-1/4″, and 73-1/4″. For doors, our 37-1/4″ wide shades can be cut to as narrow as 18″. The standard length of vinyl window shades is 72″ and they can be rolled incrementally to stop or roll all the way up.

The most common colors are white and ivory. Black shades are quite popular, too (black is only available in the 37-1/4″ size).

Mazer Wholesale supplies retailers, housing authorities, landlords, property management companies, schools, and any other organization who needs wholesale quantities of window treatments including window shades, blinds, or curtain rods.

Don’t Overpay for Window Shades for School Lock-Down

Your school or school system may need hundreds or even thousands of window shades to cover the window in classroom doors. This is going to take a bite out of your budget! In a recent article on the subject of protocols for protecting students and teachers in the case of an active shooter alert a company is bragging about a black cloth which drops down over the door’s window to block all visibility to the inside of the classroom…at a cost of over $20.00.

Is this really necessary? A cheap vinyl shade or blind will generally run approximately 1/2 that price and serve the same purpose.

See our selection of economical window shades, click here.

shades for school classroom

See our selection of economical window shades, click here.

How to Measure A Window For New Mini Blinds

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How to choose the right size mini blinds

This post is to explain how to determine which size mini blinds to purchase for your windows. All mini blinds are not necessarily exactly the same. However, these instruction should cover most of the cheaper vinyl mini blinds made today and for the past 35+ years.

See Video Below but Read The Whole Article Too!

How to Select the Right Size Vinyl Mini Blind

We sell a cheap vinyl mini blind by the brand name of Morningstar and most other brands in this category of inexpensive blind will probably install the exact same way. (However, if you don’t buy from us, you’ll probably pay more…just sayin’.) Brackets, screws, and directions are always included.

This article provides information to consider for deciding how you will mount your blinds. This will help you to determine which size blinds to purchase.

There are basically 3 ways to mount a mini blind: 1) Inside Mount, 2) Inside Top Mount, 3) Outside Mount

How to Measure Your Window for Inside Mounting Mini Blinds So You Can Choose the Right Size

The image above demonstrates how a bracket will typically be mounted for an inside mount.

You should measure the distance between the inside of the window at the top and also at the bottom. Ideally, they should measure the same at the top and at the bottom, but just in case they don’t you want to use the smaller measurement as the basis for the size.

The blinds will fit 1/2″ wider and 3/8″ smaller than stated size. The head rail will measure 1/2″ less than stated size.

The above is what is printed on the packaging but even this can be a little confusing. Here’s a good example of how to understand this:

If your window opening measures 29-1/2″ wide, you should choose a 30″ wide blind because the blind will fit a window up to 1/2 wider. The head rail of a 30″ blind measures 29-1/2″.

If the opening measures 29-3/8″ down to 28-1/2″, you should use a 29″ blind. The head rail of a 29″ blind measures 28-1/2″. The depth of the brackets allow the head rail to float inside the bracket allowing for a natural-looking installation, eliminating the need for perfect precision.

Top Mounting Mini Blinds

A top-mount means you mount the mini blind brackets to the top of the window opening. This is also a version of inside mounting.

There are a couple of reasons you may want or need to use this top-mount method.

  1. In circumstances where you have a problem with molding interfering with your access to a flat, level surface.
  2. In circumstances where you must use a blind which is narrower than the window opening.

In the latter situation, the freedom to mount the brackets closer together will relieve you of the problem of the head rail not reaching the cavity of both brackets. Simply install the brackets equally distant from the their respective side of the window opening. Mounting the brackets 1/8″, 3/16″ or 1/4″ from each side will very likely be unnoticeable

Outside Mounting Mini Blinds

Outside mounting mini blinds is necessary where there the window is not recessed into the wall. There IS no “inside” available.

Mini blind brackets can be mounted onto the wood molding surrounding the window, over top of the window or outside of the molding altogether.

Getting the perfect size is not as crucial for outside mounting. In fact, some people choose to use one wider blind to cover multiple windows. Likewise, it’s also sometimes practical to use two blinds to cover a single extra-wide window.