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Buy Good Vinyl Mini Blinds at Cheap Wholesale Prices

71x48 Vinyl Mini Blinds-Cordless

Are you looking for a cost-effective window solution that combines functionality, durability, and style for your apartment buildings, student dormitories, and housing facilities? Look no further! Introducing our Economical Vinyl Mini Blinds, specially designed to cater to the needs of apartment building owners and managers, housing authorities, and college campuses. Economical Cordless Vinyl Mini Blinds […]

Window Blind Sales Reps Wanted

Faux Wood Blinds - Wholesale

WANTED: Sales representatives serving the Multi-Unit Housing Building Trade, Apartment Building, and Building Renovations Trade. Importer and Wholesaler of Standard White Mini Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds No expertise or previous experience is necessary to sell window blinds. If you are already selling ANYTHING TO THIS TRADE you can offer blinds.   Your customers need […]

Where To Buy Very Narrow Window Blinds Cheap!

narrow window blinds

Window treatments for people who need to cover very narrow windows. Window Blinds to Fit Narrow Windows Very narrow windows are often built next to the front door of a home. They’re commonly known as “sidelights.” Some homes use frosted glass, some use curtains, and some use blinds. Most homeowners or renters typically need only […]

Solving Common Window Shade Problems

Home, condo or office, roller-style window shades from Mazer Wholesale offer a lot of benefits. Taking proper care of them will make sure you get years of good service from your investment. Yet sometimes a small problem will arise in having the window shade operating properly. This post is all about solving common window shade […]

Installing Window Shades From Mazer Wholesale – An Easy Do-It-Yourself Project

When it comes to a Do-It-Yourself project that just about anyone can do in just about any home (or office, or home-office, for that matter), hanging interior window shades is very popular. Keep reading for easy, DIY pro tips and help for making window shade installation a breeze. Tools Needed For Window Shade Installation One […]

Can I Reuse My Old Mini Blind Brackets?

Mini Blind Brackets corded and cordless

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about our mini blinds is: “Can we reuse our old mini blind brackets?” Reusing your old mini blind brackets is a real time saver. All those pesky little screws take up a lot of time unscrewing, then screwing them back in. Plus, you always drop at […]

Where to Buy Extra Long Window Blinds

You’re looking for blinds to cover long windows and you can’t find any stores or suppliers. Extra long blinds are hard to find. Retailers and wholesalers who carry mini blinds carry a limited amount of sizes. It’s expensive and difficult to stock all sizes and types of blinds. Mazer Wholesale is the exception. The Biggest […]

Cheap Window Treatments That Are Beautiful and Safe

Mazer Wholesale is on the leading edge of the mandatory transition from traditional window blinds to cordless. As always, lowest pricing for the best quality product in its class drives our philosophy as a supplier to the property management and retail trades. Keeping Kids Safe – New Window Treatments Law As of December 18, 2018, all stock* […]

How to Tighten a Window Shade Spring

I’ve been seeing lots of terrible reviews about traditional window shades (particularly on Amazon). The main complaint is the spring which controls how the shade is set into the desired position-then raising and lowering it as needed. However, the problem is not the spring but rather the fact that the user doesn’t know how to […]

Window Shades for Classroom Doors

wholesale window shades-cheap shades

Window Shades for Classroom Doors New protocols in schools of all kinds are now requiring (or will soon be) a shade to cover the window in classroom doors. School Shootings Stimulate the Necessity to Cover Door Windows in Active Shooting Situations School shooting tragedies have necessitated the need for new safety and security measures to […]